A genus of about 36 species found mainly in the American southwest and Mexico.

Images of Texas Species of Hedeoma

Both images for each species are the same. The smaller images (approximately 670k) will load faster; the larger images (approximately 7.5M) are available for more detailed review but take longer to load.

H. acinoides
acinoides 668k
acinoides 7.44M
H. apiculatum
apiculatum 664k
apiculatum 7.37M
H. costatum
costatum 660k
costatum 7.34M
H. drummondii
drummondii 666k
drummondii 7.40M
H. hispidum
hispidum 664k
hispidum 7.38M
H. molle
molle 677k
molle 7.52M
H. nanum
nanum 658k
nanum 7.32M
H. pilosum
pilosum 380k
pilosum 2.32M
H. plicatum
plicatum 664k
plicatum 7.37M
H. reverchonii
reverchonii 667k
reverchonii 7.42M
H. serpyllifolium
serpyllifolium 664k
serpyllifolium 7.37M

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