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[Longhorn Review] The Well-tuned piano in The magenta lights

Material Type: All, movies — Tags: falstaffpicks, piano — Posted on October 1, 2007, 12:13 pm

By: Young, La Monte and Zazeela, Marian

A complete 6-hour performance of La Monte Young's magnum opus for piano. Not as
good a representation as is found on the out of print Gramavision 5CD box, which was
stolen from us and which this version replaces, but still exquisitely beautiful
piano that just doesn't end. Also contains video of the performance. If you like,
you can do as I did and put it on on a Sunday afternoon playing through the stereo,
leaving the TV off, then you have the option of surprising anyone who doesn't know
that you didn't just happen to turn on the TV to a piano performance that perfectly
matches what's playing through the stereo...

Reviewer: Tommy

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