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[Longhorn Review] Time by Electric Light Orchestra

Material Type: All, music — Posted on June 29, 2010, 12:02 pm

By: Electric Light Orchestra

This is a great example of a 1970's-1980's concept album. The storyline can be
extrapolated from listening and reading liner notes and that trademark "ELO" sound
abounds in vocal harmonies and classic strings throughout the work. Perhaps an
acquired taste for those of the "hip-hop" generation...but caviar for those that
know Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Rush's "2112 Overture" and Queenryche's "Operation
Mindcrime". Relax and enjoy the tale of an ambitious time traveler who accidentally
gets trapped in the future and can only share his lonely story through the musical
message sent back in time for us to hear. Try and pick out the news reports in the
background of "Here is the News". Feel the lamenting sorrow and acceptance of loss
in "Ticket to the Moon" and try to "remember the good 'ol 1980's...where things were
so uncomplicated". Ironic lyrics at the time, but probably more prophetic in this
day and age as we look back and see the genius in this sorely underrated, and
admittedly rushed work by Jeff Lynne.

Reviewer: Tyler Durden

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