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[Longhorn Review] Texan tells a true story of the famous Mier Expedition into Mexico

Material Type: All, books — Tags: Military, Texas, War — Posted on March 11, 2009, 8:24 am

By: Alexander, John Rufus

Short, actually 24 pages, not 23 as catalogued, account of the Mier Foray into
Mexico. As Alexander is elderly and 50 years removed from the expedition when this
was written/gathered, the accuracy comes with a caveat emptor, but the writing is
excellent, and details seem to accord with history. this is a gripping, fascinating
and somewhat depressing military piece, covering this deadly event. Color, details
and memories that are unique as presented, a must for any serious student of this
era, or Texiana per se.

Reviewer: Valhalla Booksellers

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