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Celebrating the Life

[Longhorn Review] Solo piano [sound recording] / Gonzales

Material Type: All, music — Tags: falstaffpicks, piano — Posted on November 1, 2007, 12:08 pm

By: Gonzales

A surprising disc coming from this South American MC. Sounding something like an
expert mixing of Keith Jarrett and Erik Satie (in his more imaginative stylings),
Gonzales has made a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable album of piano sketches that
are at turns elegiac, ecstatic, comatose. The sound quality of the recording leaves
something to be desired (expect a small amount of background noise and damage if you
turn it up) but it also adds its fair share of charm to the recording, coming across
as a work of private, brilliant impulse. Odd, but a CD to play again and

Reviewer: Tommy

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