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[Longhorn Review] Public Memory

Material Type: All, movies — Tags: falstaffpicks — Posted on March 1, 2007, 10:06 am

By: Amy Gerber

Discusses the design, meaning and purpose of public memorials built to
commemorate wars and tragedies. This documentary asks: why do some memorials move
us, why are others forgettable, what do they really mean, and a re memorials still
relevant today? The program covers a specific group of memorials, including: the
Oklahoma City National Memorial, the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, the
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Pan Am Flight 103 Memorial Cairn, the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial, and plans for the first African-American lynching monument (the
Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial), among others. Examines what we can learn from
controversial memorials and the many complex issues involved in memorializing the
victims of crimes against humanity and terrorism. Great example of Performance as
Public Practice.

Reviewer: Beth

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