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[Longhorn Review] New Moon Review

Material Type: All, Books — Posted on November 30, 2010, 3:50 pm

By: Stephenie Meyer

The novel New Moon by Stephenie Meyer picks up where Twilight last left off. The
last time we saw Bella Swan, she was narrowly escaping the clutches of a
“non-vegetarian” vampire, James. After recovering from the near fatal vampire
attack, Bella celebrates her eighteenth birthday with Edward and the whole Cullen
family. The joyous day suddenly takes a turn for the worse when Bella gives herself
a paper-cut while opening one of the cards. With blood shed, Edward’s brother,
Jasper, cannot contain himself and nearly attacks Bella. “Every second that I’m with
you is about restraint…and you’re too fragile,” Edward tells Bells (143). Proving
too intense for the Cullen family, the family, along with Edward, abruptly leaves
Forks, Washington for the safety of Bella. Heartbroken over the sudden disappearance
of Edward, Bella finds comfort in reckless living in which she can hear Edward’s
voice telling her to be careful. Realizing that she can hear Edward’s voice in times
of danger, Bella begins to live as an “adrenalin junkie,” including restoring bikes
with Jacob Black, one of Edward’s archenemies (129). Through time and distance from
Edward, Bella’s friendship with Jacob begins to flourish.

When Victoria returns to
Forks to avenge her mate, James, death, Bella does not seem to care. Fed up, Bella
decides to go cliff jumping, something so dangerous and reckless that she should
hear Edward’s voice for days. After hitting the water, something goes terribly
wrong. Bella realizes that Victoria is in the water with her and she is pulling her
under. Almost drowning, Bella is pulled from the water by Jacob. Edward’s sister,
Alice, who has visions of people’s decisions, sees Bella jumping off the cliff and
informs Edward that Bella has taken her own life. Heartbroken and feeling as though
her death was his fault, Edward rushes to Italy, where the Volturi live, in order to
be killed. However, upon realizing that her vision was wrong, Alice contacts Bella
and tells her that Edward “is going to the Volturi! He wants to die too!” both begin
their trip to Italy in order to save Edward (386).

Along with saving Edward, Bella
runs into the Volturi. Because it is against the rules for humans to know that
vampires exist, the Volturi tries to punish Edward by using their minds to induce
pain onto Bella. When the Volturi realizes that Bella is immune to vampire tactics
and would make a strong vampire, the Volturi agrees that Bella can live but only
under the condition that she be turned into a vampire in the near future. Having
survived yet another set of vampire attacks, Edward promises to never leave Bella
again, especially since it is known that Victoria is out there and wants revenge.
The novel ends with the Cullen family moving back to Forks and restoring

Reviewer: Sidney Krawczyk

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