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[Longhorn Review] New Moon, New Love

Material Type: All, Books — Posted on November 30, 2010, 3:35 pm

By: Stephenie Meyer

New Moon is the second book in the Twilight Saga. The book begins with Bella
celebrating her 18th birthday with the entire Cullen family. An incident occurs
where Bella accidentally cuts her hand and Jasper immediately attacks her forcing
Edward to protect Bella. Edward comes to the realization that having Bella around
his family is quite dangerous and chooses to leave Forks to reduce this risk. Bella
is devastated and four months pass where Bella is in a zombie like state. Bella
begins to find ways to trigger Edward’s voice in her mind. The story comes to a
turning point when Bella and Jacob begin working on a pair of motorbikes and grow
closer. Jacob develops more feelings for Bella, but Bella on the other hand still
sees him as just a good friend. As the story continues there is almost animosity
between Edward and Jacob because they both deeply love Bella and thus the rivalry
begins, on top of the fact, vampires and werewolves already hate each other. In the
end, Bella jumps off a cliff causing Edward to believe she committed suicide. Edward
almost reveals himself in order to be killed as well but Bella is able to stop him.
The novel ends with the decision made to turn Bella into a vampire but only after
Edward and Bella get married first.

Even though Edward is absent most of the novel,
Bella is still able to form a connection with Jacob. The motorcycles Bella finds on
the side of the road serve as a symbol of Bella and Jacob’s growing relationship as
they fix the bikes together. The motorcycles represent the connection between Bella
and Jacob. The bikes also represent Jacob’s coming of age. Jacob is the main
character working on the bike, which falls into the typical stereotype of
motorcycles being associated with males. As the story progresses and the bikes are
improving, Jacob begins to grow into his own skin and it is like he is maturing
right before the audience’s eyes.

The flower on the cover of the book represents
Bella being Edward’s fragile flower. Just like on the cover, Bella falls apart
emotionally when Edward leaves her in the beginning of the story. The flower is also
upside down representing Bella’s life being turned upside down when Edward leaves
her. Throughout the novel, Jacob acts as a security blanket or symbol of comfort for
Bella. With Jacob around, Bella is able to function and try to return back to
normal. Jacob provides the strength and support Bella needs with Edward gone.

The novel really has the feel of the all time classic Romeo and Juliet. When Edward
receives false information that Bella had committed suicide, Edward immediately
turns to revealing himself in order to be killed. Staying true to the idea that he
could not live without Bella in his life. Also, Bella falls in love with a vampire
representing the idea of “star crossed lovers”. This novel continues to show the
passion, Edward and Bella have for each other but with an added twist of Jacob’s
newly surfaced love for Bella, causing there to be a love triangle.

Reviewer: Samantha Martinez

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