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[Longhorn Review] The Music Instinct

Material Type: All, books — Tags: falstaffpicks — Posted on October 8, 2010, 4:45 pm

By: Ball, Philip

Ever wondered how music works its magic on us? Or why humans are musical? Ball's
"The Music Instinct" provides answers to these and many other fascinating questions.
Ball was previously known as a science writer (see his "H2O: A Biography of Water"
for example) but he is no neophyte where music is concerned and his scientific
expertise is valuable in interpreting the numerous academic studies of the physics
and neurology of music for a general readership. His scope is wide and while his
examples are drawn chiefly from "Western" popular and classical musics (if only
because of familiarity), he also includes many from elsewhere across our musical
globe. No more interesting or informative book about music will be published this

Reviewer: Longhorn Reviewer

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