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[Longhorn Review] Made in Japan

Material Type: All, music — Tags: falstaffpicks — Posted on July 18, 2011, 3:57 pm

By: Deep Purple

In the 1970's, the release of a live album by an artist symbolised not only an
established career, but one still on the rise. If you're curious to pay a visit to
this golden age of gatefold sleeves and arena rock, "Made in Japan" is one of the
touchstones of the era. With changing technology, the passing of time, and the
emptying of closets of tape, we have discovered that many of the classic "live"
albums tended to be bogus "live-in the-studio" affairs than actual unedited
documents of a magical moment in time (e.g.-"Kiss Alive!"). Not so with "Made In
Japan", one of the finest examples of a live album in any genre. Notoriously
virtuosic and legendary for their incendiary performances, Deep Purple's first live
album, recorded on their 1972 tour in support of their classic "Machine Head" LP, is
pure gold. And as is evident from the extensive surviving film of the band from the
era, their improvisational skills had few peers. And as the subsequent release of
the complete concert tapes from these shows has shown (on a three-CD set), there
were no overdubs on this original release. FYI- The live version of "Smoke on the
Water" found here is also its most familiar incarnation. Released in 1972 as a
single, it became the definitive version of the classic rock staple. Rock

Reviewer: Mark

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