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[Longhorn Review] Jordan Belson : 5 essential films / Jordan Belson

Material Type: All, movies — Tags: falstaffpicks — Posted on March 9, 2010, 10:41 am


What we’ve got here is relatively slowly evolving, concentrated figurative
movement, yet within that concentration there is intense fluidity. I have no idea
how these were created, but my best guess would be light, gas, smoke, and flame.
It’s very elemental, which I guess for me is the start for qualifying something as
essential. Belson obviously is a master at what he does, and this DVD comes very
highly recommended. The true surprise here is Belson’s musical ability. He scores
most of the films here and the work is very advanced for the time and singular,
sounding completely fresh, forward thinking, and yet tied-in with music at large.
The tone of the music is ethereal, of course.

Reviewer: Tommy

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