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[Longhorn Review] Individual vs. Society

Material Type: All, Books — Posted on November 30, 2010, 3:29 pm

By: J.J. Abrams

Star Trek is an action packed sci-fi film about two individuals who undergo a
major change from their youth to adulthood. James Kirk and Spock, the two main
protagonists of this film, have a hard time while they are growing up. This film
depicts how these two troubled youngsters undergo psychological and moral growth to
become esteemed individuals in Starfleet. Starfleet is a deep exploratory,
peacekeeping military service maintained by the United Federation of Planets. The
film takes place in the futuristic universe of the 24th century; a universe composed
of hundreds of alien species civilizations living on earth and other planets.

James Kirk is very intelligent but yet a rebellious character. He is constantly in bar
brawls or defying the law. He chooses to follow in the footsteps of his deceased
father, who was once a part of Starfleet and had become a hero and well-respected
man, in order to escape an unpromising life. On the other hand, Spock, who is also
very intelligent and a logical thinker, is fighting for acceptance because he was
born into the universe as a mixed species--half human and half Vulcan.

These individuals, although they have completely different and unyielding personalities,
are both faced with the external conflict of society portraying them as outcasts.
However, in the film James Kirk is depicted a much greater outcast than Spock
because he is constantly being cast out from participation aboard the ship, USS
Enterprise. James has to work harder at proving himself. Moreover, Spock quickly
acquires a high rank in Starfleet and is highly accepted y his peers but must
overcome his inability to recognize his feelings and how that affects his composure.
James Kirk and Spock are depicted as outcasts by their societies because of their
situations and because of their actions. Society is quick to judge them and forms
both true and false conclusions about them. James and Spock both become aware of
this and struggle to change the way their societies feel about them.

Reviewer: Oscar Meneses

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