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[Longhorn Review] ElectroNotes!

Material Type: All, books — Posted on October 10, 2010, 10:42 am

By: Bernie Hutchins and gang

This Journal composed of Bernie Hutchins' newsletters on Synthesizer making and
in flux philosophies of perception is one of the most amazing resources I have ever
found in the University of Texas library system, and the UT libraries do not lack in
amazing resources. This publication is inspirational and makes it known what an
individual driven by a passion and managing to find access can accomplish. Not only
does he constantly refine ideas new and old across many issues, but manages to
devise musical applications for ideas he happens across in from even the most remote
corners of bell lab journals and the like. Often he spares no effort to bring forth
full schematics and communicative descriptions. Additionally there are wonderful
record reviews and occasional contributions from the great pioneers of synthesizer
production. Please do what you can to procure the entire collection. Two volumes is
just not enough.

Reviewer: Jon Zingale

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