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Celebrating the Life

[Longhorn Review] Dylan Thomas / by Paul Ferris.

Material Type: All, books — Posted on June 2, 2010, 2:57 pm

By: Ferris, Paul, 1929-

What a depressing subject for a biography. No wonder two of the three Thomas
children went to Australia and stayed there (and had nary a comment for this tome).
Could the slim output and powerful reading ability of this too-famous poet really
justify the living hell that he inflicted on everyone within his purview? It is hard
to imagine how Mr. Ferris was able to maintain his scholarly momentum on this
seemingly endless cascade of theft, whining, solipsism and drunkenness. What is more
remarkable is that Mr. Ferris's account actually provides a measure of empathy for
an individual who personifies the adage that most writers are 'better read than

Reviewer: dennis trombatore

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