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The Miracle at Speedy Motors

[Longhorn Review] The Miracle at Speedy Motors

Material Type: All, books — Tags: Botswana, detective fiction, mystery — Posted on August 1, 2008, 9:15 am

By: Alexander McCall Smith

Mma Ramotswe's good humor and good will continue to shine, and Alexander McCall
Smith continues to find engaging, non-life-threatening mysteries for her to solve in
this ninth book of the series (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency) set in Botswana. This
novel particularly touches on telling the truth (and how to react when people don't)
and deciding what to believe is the truth. Look for Jilly from Philly as Precious
Ramotswe in the forthcoming BBC adaptation of the series.

Reviewer: tonstant weader

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