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Lectures in abstract algebra.

[Longhorn Review] Lectures in abstract algebra. vol 1, Nathan Jacobson

Material Type: All, Books — Tags: identity element, partial order, unit element — Posted on April 26, 2013, 10:37 am


p.188 a partial order is asymmetric and transitive, but in
J.M.Howie, Fundamentals of Semigroup Theory, p.13 and in M.Petrich, Introduction to Semigroups, a (partial)order is asymmetric, transitive and reflexive,
p.22, a left identity is called a unit, but in J.B.Fraleigh, A Sirst Course in Abstract Algebra, p.210 a unit is an element which has a multiplicative inverse
p.192 an element which is greater than or equal to every element in the set is called a unit or an identity
why the ambiguity?


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