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I'll be home for the Christmas rush : letters from Europe, 1944-45

[Longhorn Review] I'll be home for the Christmas rush : letters from Europe, 1944-45

Material Type: All, Books — Tags: correspondence, soldiers, world war — Posted on October 19, 2011, 9:27 am

By: Albert W. Hoffman ; edited for publication by David R. Hoffman.

The author is a mutual friend. Anyone who had a parent or grandparent who lived
in Texas in the mid-Twentieth Century, or just knows somebody raised in that time
and place, will find this a most fascinating read.

In the present age of cell
phones and ever-evolving electronic media it’s hard to imagine the importance of the
written word, especially during such hard times as war, and there being no feasible
alternative, a written word the only means of communicating with a loved one,
despite the unpredictability of mail service. And thanks to a collection of letters
written by a Texan in Europe to his wife and children in Brownwood during the
Normandy invasion, one war veteran’s story, what got through the censors’ hands, is
carefully preserved.

Sadly, due to regulations, those letters received by this
man from family and friends on the home front had to be quickly read, then burned to
be kept from enemy hands in case of capture. So even though about half the story is
missing, “I’ll Be Home…” tells it like no movie or newsreel ever could.

Extensive research was done to note people, places and things mentioned in the
correspondence. The author notes the dates which these letters were written and
received stateside. While some of the words may be deemed “incorrect” we cannot
change the attitudes of another era. This book is real treasure and time capsule of
a nearly-forgotten age.

Reviewer: Longhorn Reviewer

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