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[Longhorn Review] The City and The City

Material Type: All, Books — Posted on November 15, 2011, 10:21 am


So you are reading along in this noirish meta-police procedural, indebted to
Bruno Schulz and Italo Calvino and maybe Raymond Chandler, with its surreal
atmosphere of quantum physics, and suddenly you slip down into it. You are trying to
read the story, but the decontextualized puzzles and jokes are getting in the way.
You try to unsee them, but sometimes you just can't and you lose the thread. You
breach - the streets look familiar, the dialog is the same, but there is something
else going on. Elegant, witty, not as elaborate as "The Name of the Rose", but sly,
like P.I. Taibo.

Reviewer: dennis trombatore

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