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National Population Census of China Database (NPCC), Sixth 中国第六次人口普查数据库 (2010)

National Population Census of China Database (NPCC), Sixth 中国第六次人口普查数据库 (2010)
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2010 census (CNKI) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available
The Sixth National Population Census of China Database (NPCC) provides access to all data from the population census in 2010 published by China Statistics Press including all population data from the whole country, 31 provinces and centrally administered municipalities and 2872 units at the county level. The data points include name, gender, age, nationality, permanent residents’ registration, education level, industry, occupation, social security, marriage, fertility, death, housing, migration etc.

Basic features of NPCC:

  1. All the statistical data forms are elaborately processed into Excel format, for searching, browsing and analyzing.
  2. Enables data searching and comparison among different locations, industries and years at one time.
  3. Enables in-depth data mining, and analytical results can be exported into Excel or Word.
  4. Provides detailed data source review.
  5. Provides English version of both content and interface.

Chinese version of the NPCC.

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Alternative Titles
Zhongguo di 6 ci ren kou pu cha shu ju ku中国第六次人口普查数据库
Zhongguo ren kou pu cha shu ju ku, di 6 ci中国人口普查数据库, 第六次
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