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1876 - present (most content after 1990) (Nikkei) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available
Provided by Nikkei, Japan’s premier business media organization. Covers more than 500 Nikkei and non-Nikkei sources, including international, national and local, general and industry-specific publications. Period coverage goes back as early as 1876, though mostly after WWII, especially after 1990s. Contents are mostly in Japanese with some in English.

This database uses a pay-per-view model (views include search result displays) with a cap on how much we can spend each year. Therefore, if agreeable, please use Kikuzō II bijuaru: Asahi shinbun kiji dētabēsu 聞蔵IIビジョウアル:朝日新聞記事データベース first before consulting Nikkei Telecom.

User Limits: Pay per view with yearly spending cap
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