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SAH Archipedia

SAH Archipedia
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2013 edition (SAH and University of Virginia Press) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available
SAH Archipedia is an authoritative online encyclopedia of the built world published by the Society of Architectural Historians and the University of Virginia Press, and contains histories, photographs, and maps for more than 8,500 structures and places. These are mostly buildings, but as you explore SAH Archipedia you will also find landscapes, infrastructure, monuments, artwork, and more. Currently, the content of SAH Archipedia is drawn from the award-winning book series, Buildings of the United States, and includes histories and thematic essays from twelve of the published BUS volumes: Massachusetts (Metropolitan Boston), Rhode Island, Pennsylvania (Eastern and Western), the District of Columbia, Virginia (Tidewater and Piedmont), West Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, and Alaska.

SAH Archipedia will grow in the coming years, as other published BUS books are digitized (including Delaware, Louisiana, and Hawaii), as current BUS volumes are completed (Texas: Central, South, and Gulf Coast; Vermont; Virginia: The Valley and Southwest; North Dakota; Wisconsin; Missouri; Mississippi; New Hampshire; Texas: East, North, and West; and Arkansas among them), and as peer-reviewed, born-digital content is created. The immediate goal is to have all fifty states represented in SAH Archipedia.

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