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Job & Career Accelerator

Job & Career Accelerator
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Requires an account for use (instructions in About) (LearningExpress, LLC) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available
Please note: Job & Career Accelerator has been upgraded to a new, redesigned platform. As such, it will not recognize existing usernames and passwords from the previous platform. All current users will be required to register as new users to access the new platform. Furthermore, any content saved in the previous platform accounts will not migrate to the new platform.

Updated daily. Provides resources for job-seekers in all stages of the career exploration and job-application process. Users can assess their work-related interests, explore occupation profiles, search for jobs and internships, and get help preparing job-application materials. This resource provides:

  • Comprehensive career information: A fully integrated interest assessment, career exploration, and job search platform helps job seekers explore careers that match their interests and expectations and build a personalized occupation knowledge base.
  • Powerful resume creation: The industry‚Äôs most powerful Resume Builder, packed with more than 120 model resumes, 750 action words, and nearly 25,000 keywords by specific job classification.
  • Occupational exploration: Over 1,000 Occupation Profiles allow job seekers to explore and compare occupations in detail including up to date wage and salary data, expected growth, key responsibilities, education requirements, and more.
  • Real-time job & internship opportunities: An integrated database of over 5 million up-to-date job and internship opportunities, aggregated from leading job boards, classified ads, and other websites allows job seekers to search job openings based on interests and locations.

All users must register for a personal account before using this resource. This resource provides highly-personalized content, tracks training modules completed, and stores individualized resumes and cover letters. Note: Personal accounts for LearningExpress Library and Job & Career Accelerator are interchangeable. If a user creates a personal account for one, the same credentials will work for the other.

User Limits: unlimited
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