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Cabell's Directories: Education Set

Cabell's Directories: Education Set
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Most current edition. (Cabell Publishing) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available available in findit@ut
Cabell’s is a large directory of journals aimed at helping scholars determine which journals may be a good fit for their manuscripts. It includes helpful information such as topical characteristics, style/formatting guidelines, review process details and acceptance rates for each journal included in the set.

The Education set includes the following volumes:

  • Educational Curriculum and Methods
  • Educational Psychology and Administration
  • Educational Technology & Library Science

Search Tips:

  1. Choose which volume you’d like to search and click the “Access Selected Directory” button.
  2. Then, you may want to try one of these approaches…
    • Use “Journal title contains” to search for a specific journal.
    • Use the “Specific Topic” menu to browse or search within journals related to specific subjects (Bilingual Education, Higher Education, etc).
    • Use “Minimum acceptance rate” to set either minimum or maximum rates of acceptance.
    • Use the “JCR/ERIC” limits if you only want journals that are included in the Social Science Citation index and/or ERIC.
    • Leave all fields blank and simply click “Display Results” to browse every journal in the volume.
  3. Click “Display” on the results chart to view more details about a specific journal.
User Limits: unlimited
Related Subjects
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Administration
Educational Psychology
Library and Information Science
Special Education
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