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Information Resources, Inc.

Information Resources, Inc.
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Requires an account for use (instructions in About) (WRDS) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin
Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) has gathered point-of-sale information from more than 11,300 grocery stores, as well as some 7,500 drug stores.

The Marketing Fact Book contains data on grocery store purchases from a representative sample of static qualifying U.S. panelist households to help make intelligent inferences for strategic planning and decision making. These purchases are continuously tracked across all UPC-coded brand-items in all categories.

Key Applications:

  • Periodic assessment of key consumer dynamics (scorecards).
  • Monitor changes in the marketplace.
  • Track the success of marketing tactics and strategies.
  • Cross-category benchmarking.
  • Assess category performance between time periods.

Key Measures:

  • Category Volume Share
  • Type Volume Share
  • Penetration
  • Volume per Purchase
  • Purchases per Buyer
  • Purchase Cycle
  • Share of Requirements (Loyalty)
  • Price per Volume
  • % Volume Any Trade Deal
  • % Volume Feature
  • % Volume Display
  • % Volume Price Reduction
  • % Volume Manufacturer Coupon
  • Average % Off On Price Deals

In order to use this service, you must request an account. University of Texas at Austin faculty, Ph.D. students, and Master’s students may request an account by choosing the "register for a WRDS account" link via the web page linked above. Accounts will be activated within 48 business hours.

User Limits: unlimited
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