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Shinbun Kiji Bunko (Kōbe Daigaku Fuzoku Toshokan) 新聞記事文庫 (神戶大學附屬圖書館)

Shinbun Kiji Bunko (Kōbe Daigaku Fuzoku Toshokan) 新聞記事文庫 (神戶大學附屬圖書館)
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1911 - 1970 (Kobe University Library) freely available to all users fulltext of articles available
Clippings of Japanese newspapers published from 1911-1970, collected by Kobe University’s Research and Planning Department (1911-1919) and Commercial Research Institute (1919-1970). The database covers 26 newspapers in the beginning of the period and over 50 newspapers toward the end of the period. The clippings focus on the commercial economy with the collection of many corporate accounts of business or statistics data.
Alternative Titles
Kobe University Library Newspaper Clippings Collection 神戶大學附屬圖書館新聞記事文庫
Kōbe Daigaku Fuzoku Toshokan Shinbun Kiji Bunko 神戶大學附屬圖書館新聞記事文庫
Newspaper Clippings Collection 神戶大學附屬圖書館新聞記事文庫
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