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Han Yu Da Ci Dian 漢語大詞典

Han Yu Da Ci Dian 漢語大詞典
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Version 3.0 (Commercial Press) available only on library computers
Available only in the University of Texas Libraries on library work stations.
The electronic version of the 12-volume printed Han yu da ci dian, a comprehensive Chinese language dictionary. It contains over 18,000 Chinese characters with pronunciation in Mandarin, 336,000 compound words, 23,000 idioms, 500,000 definitions and 861,000 citations. About 20 different searching methods are available in the database. Each entry includes phonetic notation, radicals, stroke count, and stroke order. Sentence examples of previous usage go back through all eras of Chinese texts, providing a great tool for studying both modern and classical Chinese.
User Limits: 1
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