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eStatement Studies

eStatement Studies
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2003 - present (RMA) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available
Updated annually. The online version of Annual Statement Studies, it is the only source of composite performance metrics derived directly from the financial statements of financial institutions' borrowers and prospects. These financial statements come directly to RMA from member institutions, which get their data straight from their customers.

eStatement Studies includes two publications:

Financial Ratios Benchmarks -- Comprehensive, detailed data on over 700 industries derived directly from financial statements and includes:

  • Nineteen classic financial statement ratios, clearly defined. It's like getting a free financial textbook with your purchase.
  • Common-size balance sheet and income statement. Six balance sheet and income statement line items are presented in common-size format.
  • Data arrayed by asset and sales size. Six different asset and sales size categories are presented to ensure a perfect match to your situation.
  • Unique information. No other information provider gets their data from where we get ours.
  • More than 700 industries presented using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes.
  • Trend data available for the past four years. You'll get the most up-to-date information for the current period, and you'll be able to compare it quickly to the past four periods.

Industry Default Probabilities and Cash Flow Measures includes:

  • Probability of default estimates on a percentage scale, mapped to a .pd bond rating scale.
  • Cash flow measures on a common-size percentage scale.
  • Change in position, normalized, year over year, for eight financial statement line items.
  • Data arrayed by asset and sales size.
  • Trend data available for the past four years.
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RMA Annual Statement Studies Online
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