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Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications

Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications
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1990 - present. (ScienceDirect) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available available in findit@ut
Explores the ways that editorial content (from journalism and scholarship to films and infomercials) is developed, presented, stored, analyzed, and regulated around the world. Addresses topics in three broad categories: (1) the spectrum of media (newspapers, magazines, television, cable, radio, books, advertising, movies, videos, tapes and CDs, and online) and the status of the media in countries around the globe; (2) the development and use of communications technology, from the telephone and telegraph to computers and facsimile to fiber optics and satellites; (3) concepts that regulate the content and flow of information, such as censorship, copyright, and libel.

Some of the articles have a group or industry focus, such as book publishing or the realignment of telecommunications companies, while others have an individual focus, such as conducting personal research via the Internet.

Each article is self-contained, and describes conditions as of the year 2000, or the beginning of the new millennium. There is some commonality of material in pieces written by different authors; this material was retained so as to allow different views of the writers to be included.

The articles are deliberately long (they average 14 pages) to assure full coverage of the subject, and they are cross-referenced. Each article is accompanied by a summary, a glossary of terms, and a list of additional reading. Some also have explanatory graphics-graphs, tables, or photographs.

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