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Dates of coverage vary. (ebrary) limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin fulltext of articles available

What is ebrary?
How do I access an ebrary book? Do I need an account to access ebrary?
Do I need special software or hardware to read ebrary books online?
Can I download ebrary books to my phone, e-book reader or tablet?
Can I print from ebrary? Can I copy and paste from ebrary?
What if I still need help?

What is ebrary?

ebrary is a platform that provides desktop access to online books. Online books are electronic versions of printed books and, in most cases, are an exact duplication of the printed book. Online books can be viewed online from any PC connected to the Internet, browsed for quick research and reference, or read online any time of day or night.

We have access to 2600 titles in all subject areas. This access is part of a pilot program. We expect to add more titles at some point in the future

Our subscription also includes the Computers, Engineering and Applied Sciences Collection. This collection has 2042 full text books covering all areas in computers, engineering and applied sciences. The majority of the titles in this collection were published in the last four years.

How do I access an ebook? Do I need an account to access ebrary?

Enter ebrary using the link above, or from one of the many ebrary links we've loaded into our Library Catalog. If you are off-campus, you will be asked for your UTEID and password before being taken to the ebrary site. Once you enter the service, you will not be required to enter additional account info to use the ebooks.

You can search for books using either the quick search or by following the link to the advanced search. You can also browse lists of books by subject or publisher.

You may wish to set up an optional ebrary account to save book links to your personal online bookshelf. With an ebrary account, you can also save bookmarks within a book, annotate pages, and highlight specific passages for later reference. There is no charge for this account. Just choose "set up your optional account" from the ebrary home page.

If you use a ebrary links that we've loaded in the Library Catalog, you will be taken directly to the book linked to in that record.

Do I need special software or hardware to read ebrary books online?

ebrary requires you to use one of their ebrary Readers to view and interact with documents and for expanded functionality. The ebrary QuickView Reader runs within your web browser and works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The ebrary Plug-in Reader runs inside your web browser and is available on Windows and Mac OS. You download and install the Plug-in Reader as a browser plug-in. The Plug-in Reader performs essentially the same tasks as the ebrary QuickView Reader. Both are available from the ebrary website.

Can I download ebrary books to phone, e-book reader or tablet?

Yes, you may download an ebrary book whenever the DOWNLOAD button appears in the toolbar. Most ebrary books may be downloaded for 7 or 14 days (available loan length is indicated when the Download button is clicked). After the loan period has expired, you will be prompted to download the book again.

Downloading an ebrary book enables you to access the book offline and transfer it to a device that supports Adobe Digital Editions—see: Adobe Digital Editions list of compatible devices:

At this time entire downloaded ebrary books in Adobe Digital Editions format cannot be read by Kindles, however you can convert whole chapters and page ranges of up to 60 pages to PDF format, which can be read by Kindles and most other devices. For more information, read about downloading at ebrary Support.

Can I print from ebrary? Can I copy and paste from ebrary?

Yes, within the copyright restrictions of the title, you can print chapters, sections or pages you wish to use for your research. You can also select text and copy it to another application. The paste operation adds a bibliographic citation of the source material with a link to the page in the document where the information was obtained. Publishers and copyright owners determine how much of any particular document can be copied or printed.

What if I still need help?

For additional help using ebrary, please see ebrary Help, get help from a librarian at Ask a Librarian, or contact Paul Rascoe in the PCL Reference and Information Services department for additional troubleshooting assistance at or 512-495-4262.

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