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  • LLEGÓ, the National Latino/a Lesbian and Gay Organization, was founded in 1987 during the National March for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Washington, DC. The organization provided a variety of programs, campaigns and publications to the Latino gay and lesbian community until its close in 2004. LLEGÓ's work focused particularly on local political leadership, national policy work and AIDS awareness. Materials in the collection include administrative and program documents for the organization's 17 years of work.

    English, Spanish
    Benson Latin American Collection
  • Africa

    “Operation Fine Girl: Rape Used As a Weapon of War in Sierra Leone” looks at the widespread and strategic use of rape and sexual violence against women – many of them young girls and teenagers – during the decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone, the world’s poorest country. “Operation Fine Girl” was produced by and for the Oxygen network's Worth The Risk series, in partnership with WITNESS, who put together Binta Mansaray, their local partner in Sierra Leone, and Academy Award-nominated director Lilibet Foster to make the documentary. The collection includes interviews with victims of sexual violence; interviews with medical, legal, and other professionals; footage of political figures; footage of ceremonies, parades, commemoration events, campaign events, and other events; and raw footage of daily life in Sierra Leone. The collection also includes the finished documentary in English and Krio, as well as an excerpted version in English. Materials are in English and Krio.

    2001-2002, undated
  • Aurora Estrada Orozco and her four daughters - María Teresa, Sylvia, Irma, and Cynthia - have been active in the fields of art, politics, journalism, and historical research. The collection contains letters, articles, press releases, clippings, handbills and posters relating to Chicano student activism at the University of Texas and elsewhere, Chicano cultural events in Austin, Texas, feminist issues, and political campaigns. Several issues of Para la gente, and Austin paper edited by Irma which supported the Raza Unida Party, are included.

    Benson Latin American Collection
  • Europe and Russia

    Roger Casement (1864–1916) was a consular diplomat, tireless campaigner for human rights, and Irish nationalist who was convicted of high treason and hanged in 1916. Although Casement's homosexuality was not an explicit factor during his trial, it was exploited afterward to discourage any case for clemency. The Ottoline Morrell (1873–1938) collection includes drafts of petitions for clemency for Roger Casement and a general account of his activities from 1914 until his arrest, as well as a small amount of correspondence with Casement's cousin, Gertrude Bannister. The Center also has a copy of Queer People (1922), written by Basil Thomson, Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard, which includes several pages describing his impressions of Casement during his interrogation on Easter Sunday, 1916.

    1882-1946, (bulk: 1882-1938)
    Harry Ransom Center
  • The Rethinking Power and Resistance: Gender and Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational Americas Conference Footage collection contains edited footage from the 2012 conference, including several panel discussions, a radio segment aired on KOOP 91.7 fm, and a post-conference promotional video produced by Andrea Zarate. The conference was sponsored by the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Texas at Austin as part of its Embrey Women’s Human Rights Initiative. The Rethinking Power & Resistance organizing committee envisioned a conference that would bring organizers and activist scholars together and foment collaborative work beyond the conference. As such, the conference centered around three community-university collaborations with the Transgender Jail Project, Conspire Theatre, and the Polochic Evictions Counteraction and foregrounded the themes of arts as advocacy, pedagogies of alliance and resisting criminalization. Videos are in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with some videos featuring consecutive translation into English.

    English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Writer Rupert Croft-Cooke (1903–1979) was convicted of gross indecency, like Oscar Wilde. He was one of the more notable victims of the strong police actions against homosexuals in Britain in the 1950s. The circumstances of his arrest and the details of his prison experience are given in his book The Verdict of You All (1955); further particulars of his varied life are found in his correspondence. The manuscript and papers related to the book, plus his letters, are within his archive. No finding aid is available for this collection.

    contact the Harry Ransom Center for more information
    Harry Ransom Center
  • Gloria "G.K." Sprinkle worked extensively with the National Organization for Women (NOW) in leadership positions from 1979 to 1985. Her papers include organization documents from meetings and conferences during this period, as well as newspaper clippings and publications related to both NOW and general women's rights.

    Briscoe Center for American History
  • Latin America

    Tejiendo la Memoria is a weekly radio program produced by the Museo de la Palabra y la Image / Museum of the Word and Image (MUPI). Each program is between five and seven minutes and relates an aspect of the social, cultural, or political history of El Salvador. The program was originally broadcast by the news program, Voces en Contacto, by the Association of Participatory Radio and Programs of El Salvador (ARPAS). The program currently airs on Conexión Comunitaria.

  • The career of Terrence McNally (1939– ), the author of plays, musicals, and other works, is well documented by the drafts, scripts, correspondence, and production materials in his papers. Several of his works with homosexual characters or that explore the deepening AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 1990s are represented in the collection, including Lisbon Traviata (1985, 1989), Lips Together, Teeth Apart (1991), Love! Valour! Compassion! (1994), Kiss of the Spider Woman (1992), Corpus Christi (1998), the television movie Andre's Mother (1988, 1990), and others. The materials related to these works, as well as the correspondence McNally received from viewers and readers about the stories he depicts, including letters from the mothers of AIDS sufferers, may be of interest to researchers.

    Harry Ransom Center
  • The Texas After Violence Project (TAVP) is an independent, Austin-based, nonprofit organization. TAVP’s oral history archive documents the effects of murder and capital punishment in Texas and aims to serve as a resource for public dialogue on alternative ways to prevent and respond to violence. The TAVP collection includes video testimonies and transcripts from survivors of violence; religious actors; law enforcement officials; legal actors; media witnesses; and activists and scholars.