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  • The Black Political Imprisonment Collection contains written works by imprisoned authors, conference materials, news articles, advocacy letters, and academic books and articles, on Black Political Imprisonment in both the United States and Brazil. Full-text of information available for download.

    English, Portuguese
    Harriet Tubman Literary Circle
  • Latin America

    Dulles is the author of Yesterday in Mexico: A Chronicle of the Revolution, 1919-1936; Vargas of Brazil; Unrest in Brazil; Anarchists and Communists in Brazil, 1900-1935; and Brazilian Communism, 1935-1945, among other books. The collection includes summaries of oral and written interviews conducted by Dulles between 1961 and 1977 with leading figures in the Communist movement in Brazil and in Brazilian politics. There are also microfilmed pamphlets, periodicals, typescripts, clippings, handbills, and circulars relating to the Brazilian Communist Party. Papers include information on internal disputes between Brazilian communists, notes on social and political conditions in Brazil, informational letters to party members, and propaganda and doctrinal works.

    English, Portuguese
    Benson Latin American Collection
  • The Rethinking Power and Resistance: Gender and Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational Americas Conference Footage collection contains edited footage from the 2012 conference, including several panel discussions, a radio segment aired on KOOP 91.7 fm, and a post-conference promotional video produced by Andrea Zarate. The conference was sponsored by the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Texas at Austin as part of its Embrey Women’s Human Rights Initiative. The Rethinking Power & Resistance organizing committee envisioned a conference that would bring organizers and activist scholars together and foment collaborative work beyond the conference. As such, the conference centered around three community-university collaborations with the Transgender Jail Project, Conspire Theatre, and the Polochic Evictions Counteraction and foregrounded the themes of arts as advocacy, pedagogies of alliance and resisting criminalization. Videos are in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with some videos featuring consecutive translation into English.

    English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Latin America

    The Unintended Portraits of the Meninas de Sinhá (Black Brazilian Women Elder Activists) collection is comprised of photographs and audio recordings of the group Meninas de Sinhá in the northeastern state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The group was created in the late 1980s by Valdete, a community leader and activist in the city of Belo Horizonte. She observed older women in her peripheral neighborhood of Alto Vera Cruz leaving the local clinic with large quantities of anti-anxiety medication. Believing that pharmaceuticals were not a solution, Valdete brought the women together to understand their anxieties. Hearing familiar stories of emotional and physical struggle from this older generation of women, she formed this community of support to improve these women’s mental wellbeing by expressing their emotions through song. Each photograph is also accompanied with an audio file and transcripts of each member’s response to the question: “What is the group for you?"

    Harriet Tubman Literary Circle