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October 2012

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Politics of Inclusion: Women, Afrodescendants, and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

Mala Htun is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico. Her research interests are Latin American politics and international comparative politics, with a specific focus on gender, race, and ethnicity. Professor Htun is the author of Sex and the State: Abortion, Divorce, and the Family under Latin American Dictatorships and Democracies (Cambridge University Press, 2003), in which she analyzes the effects and social implications of gender-related policy reform in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Among her most recent publications are "Gender, Parties, and Support for Equal Rights in the Brazilian Congress" in Latin American Politics and Society (with Tim Power; ed. William C. Smith; University of Miami, 2006), "Gender Equality in Transition Politics: Comparative Perspectives on Cuba" in Looking Forward: Cuba's Democratic Transition (ed. Marifeli Pérez-Stable; University of Notre Dame Press, 2007), and "Is Gender Like Ethnicity? The Political Representation of Identity Groups," in Perspectives on Politics (2004), for which she won the Heinz Eulau Award from the American Political Science Association. Professor Htun was a National Science Foundation award recipient for her project titled "Collaborative Research. States and Sex Equality: Why do Governments Promote Women's Rights?" Additionally, she has been a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University and the Kellogg Institute at the University of Notre Dame, and received the Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellowship in Japan. Professor Htun holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University.

Sheffield Room (TNH 2.111), UT Law School October 16, 2012 - 3:45pm - 5:45pm

The Politics of Compliance with International Courts: A General Theory with Evidence from the European Court of Justice

Clifford Carrubba is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for the Study of Law, Politics, and Economics at Emory University. He specializes in the study of comparative legislative and judicial politics, comparative institutions, the European Union, and game theory. Professor Carrubba's current research includes studies of legislative behavior and roll call vote analysis, design and change of judicial institutions, and statistical tests of game theory models. His published works investigate coalition formation, legislative design, public opinion formation, and the European Court of Justice. Professor Carrubba is an award-winning author whose works appear in various political science journals including the British Journal of Political Science, the American Journal of Political Science, International Organization, Comparative Political Studies, and the Journal of Politics. His recent publications include "A Theory of Opinion Writing in the Judicial Hierarchy" in Journal of Politics (with Tom S. Clark; 2012), The Limits of Judicial Independence (Cambridge University Press, 2011), "Locating Supreme Court Opinions in 'Doctrine Space'" in American Journal of Political Science (with Benjamin Lauderdale; 2012), and "Who Controls the Content of Supreme Court Power?" in American Journal of Political Science (with Barry Friedman, Andrew D. Martin, and Georg Vanberg; 2011). He was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer Award by Political Research Quarterly in 2008. Prior to joining the faculty at Emory University, Professor Carrubba taught at SUNY-Stonybrook. He earned a B.A. from Duke University and a Ph.D. in Business from Stanford University.

Matthew Gabel is Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis. His research interests include European politics, cross-national studies of judicial politics, public opinion and mass behavior, and, most recently, American medical policy and decision-making. Professor Gabel is the author of Interests and Integration: Market Liberalization, Public Opinion, and European Union (University of Michigan Press, 1998), in which he analyzes the challenges of creating pan-European political institutions and a unified European currency. Professor Gabel's other recent publications include "Judicial Behavior Under Political Constraints" in American Political Science Review (2008) and "Estimating the Effect of Elite Communications on Public Opinion Using Instrumental Variables " in American Journal of Political Science (with Kenneth Scheve; 2007). His interests recently have turned toward medical policy and decision-making. In this field he has published "Validation of Consensus Panel Diagnosis in Dementia" and "Temporoparietal Hypometabolism in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration and Associated Imaging Diagnostic Errors," both published in Archives of Neurology (2010-2011). He received the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, and was named a Fulbright Foundation Senior Specialist and a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy. Professor Gabel holds a B.A. from Trinity University, two M.A.s in Political Science and Advanced European Studies from the University of Rochester and the College of Europe, respectively, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Rochester.

Sheffield Room (TNH 2.111), UT Law School October 23, 2012 - 3:45pm - 5:45pm
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