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U.S. Census - 1960

Questionnaire, instructions, and table headers
Online: 1960 Census (Census Bureau)
Census Questions: 1960 Census Questions

Census of Population: 1960, vol. 1, Characteristics of the Population, Part A, Number of Inhabitants
Geographical Levels: Regions, Divisions, States, Territories, Urbanized areas, Counties, Minor civil divisions, Census county divisions, Places, Standard metropolitan statistical areas (SMSAs), State economic areas, Tracts
Data: Contains 41 tables for national level data:
  -   Population at various geographies
  -   Ranks at various geographies
  -   Rates of population increase
Contains 12 tables for each State and Territory on:
  -   Population, 1870 to 1960, for State, urban/rural
  -   Population, 1900 to 1960, for Groups of places by size
  -   Population, 1960, for places by size
  -   Population, earliest to 1960, for Incorporated places 10,000+
  -   Area and population, 1950 and 1960, for Counties, urban/rural
  -   Population, 1960, for Counties by Census county division
  -   Population, 1940 to 1960, Places 1,000+, incorporated and unincorporated
  -   Population, 1960, of areas annexed 1940-1960
  -   Population, 1950 and 1960, Urbanized areas
  -   Population, 1950 and 1960, SMSAs
  -   Population, 1960, of State and SMSAs by type of residence

Census of Population: 1960, vol. 1, Characteristics of the Population, Parts 1 - 54/57, in 54 vols.
Consists of one volume containing national summary data, and one volume per state plus one for Outlying areas: Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Canal Zone
Each volume is arranged in four sections: Number of inhabitants, General population characteristics, General social and economic characteristics, Detailed characteristics
Table Finding Guide - U.S. Summary
Table Finding Guide - States
Presents data for each state or outlying area in 146 tables on:
  -   Color or Race
  -   Age
  -   Nativity or parentage, Place of birth, Country of origin of foreign born, Mother tongue of foreign born
  -   Residence in 1955, Year moved to present home
  -   School enrollment, Years of school completed
  -   Veterans
  -   Marital status, Married couples, Presence of spouse, Married more than once
  -   Household relationship, Group quarters
  -   Families; Primary, Secondary and Subfamilies
  -   Unrelated individuals, Primary individuals
  -   Fertility
  -   Employment status, Labor force status, Hours worked, Weeks worked in 1959, Year last worked
  -   Occupation, Industry, Class of worker
  -   Place of work, Transportation to work
  -   1959 Income of persons, families, unrelated individuals
  -   1959 Earnings of persons

Census of Population: 1960, vol. 2, Special Reports, in 30 vols.
Comprised of Series PC(2) reports:
  -   Nativity and parentage, Persons of Spanish Surname, Nonwhite population by race, Puerto Ricans in the U.S., Mother tongue
  -   State of birth, Mobility for States and State economic areas, Mobility for Metropolitan areas, Lifetime and recent migration
  -   Women by number of children ever born, Childspacing
  -   Families, Persons by family characteristics, Sources and structure of family income, Age at first marriage, Marital status
  -   School enrollment, Educational Attainment, Characteristics of Socioeconomic groups
  -   Employment Status and work experience, Journey to work, Labor reserve
  -   Occupational characteristics, Occupation by earnings and education, Occupation by industry, Characteristics of Teachers, Characteristics of Professional Workers
  -   Inmates of institutions, Income of the elderly population, Veterans

Census of Population: 1960, vol. 3, Selected Area Reports, in 5 vols.
Comprised of Series PC(3) reports:
  -   State economic areas
  -   Size of place
  -   Americans overseas
  -   Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas
  -   Type of place

Census of Population and Housing: 1960, Census Tracts, in 180 reports
Contains population and housing data for tracted cities
Subject coverage is that described above for Population (vol. 1, pt. 1) and below for Housing (vol. 1)
Tract maps are in pockets at the end of each report.

Census of Housing: 1960, vol. 1, States and Small Areas, in 9 vols.
Pt. 1 contains data for the United States, Regions, Divisions, States, SMSAs, Urban/Rural, Places 100,000+, Places 50,000+
Table Finding Guide - U.S. Summary
Pts. 2-9 present data for States and for Puerto Rico, Guam, and Virgin Islands
Table Finding Guide - States and Small Areas
State data is given in a series of 39 tables covering:
  -   Inventory
  -   Occupancy characteristics
  -   Structural characteristics
  -   Condition and plumbing facilities
  -   Equipment and fuel
  -   Financial characteristics

Census of Housing: 1960, vol. 2, Metropolitan Housing, in 7 vols.
Pt. 1 contains data for the United States and Divisions in 14 tables on:
  -   Value of owner-occupied units
  -   Gross rent of renter-occupied units
  -   1959 Income of families and renters
  -   Condition and plumbing facilities
  -   Number of rooms
  -   Units in structure
  -   Household composition
  -   Occupied units lacking specified facilities
  -   Duration of vacancy
  -   Rent asked for vacant units
  -   Value of owner-occupied units with nonwhite household heads
  -   Gross rent for units with nonwhite household heads
  -   1959 Income of families and renters, nonwhite household heads
  -   Condition and plumbing facilities in units with nonwhite household heads
Pts. 2-7 present data for SMSAs and Places 100,000+
Table Finding Guide - Metropolitan Housing
SMSA data is given in a series of 10 tables
Tables with nonwhite family data, reported for the nation and divisions, are not given for SMSAs

Census of Housing: 1960, vol. 3, City Blocks, in 421 reports
Covers cities with 50,000+ population, and some smaller localities which arranged for compilation of block statistics
Data is in two tables for each place:
  -   Housing unit characteristics for the city
  -   Housing unit characteristics by blocks
Data is reported on
  -   Condition and plumbing
  -   Tenure
  -   Color: white/black
  -   Persons per room
  -   Average number of rooms
  -   Value or Rent
At NCSU, several reports were bound together in hardback volumes, with block maps grouped in a pocket at the back of each volume

Census of Housing: 1960, vol. 4, Components of Inventory Change, 1950-1959, in 46 reports
Pt. 1A (in 18 reports), 1950-1959 Components
  -   Has a U.S. summary and reports for 17 SMSAs
Pt. 1B (in 18 reports), 1957-1959 Inventory Characteristics
  -   Has a U.S. summary and reports for 17 SMSAs
Pt. 2 (in 10 reports), 1957-1959 Components
  -   Has a U.S. summary and reports for 9 SMSAs

Census of Housing: 1960, vol. 5, Residential Finance, in 2 vols.
Pt. 1, Homeowner Properties, has 8 tables on:
  -   Mortgaged and nonmortgaged properties
  -   Owners
  -   Mortgages for U.S., regions, and selected metropolitan areas
Pt. 2, Rental and Vacant Properties, has 5 tables on:
  -   Mortgage status and holder
  -   Government insurance status
  -   Mortgage debt

Census of Housing: 1960, vol. 6, Rural Housing
Contains housing data for 121 economic subregions of the U.S., for rural-farm and rural-nonfarm housing units

Census of Housing: 1960, vol. 7, Housing of Senior Citizens
Describes housing occupied by persons 60+ for U.S., States, and SMSAs


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