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U.S. Census - 1950

Questionnaire, instructions, and table headers
Online: 1950 Census (Census Bureau)
Census Questions: 1950 Census Questions

Census of Population: 1950, 2 vols. in 55, plus 64 bulletins
Vol. 1. Number of Inhabitants
Location: 317 UN3 1950P V.1 PCL Stacks
Geographic Levels: Nation, Divisions, States, Territories, Counties, Townships or other Minor Civil Divisions; Urban/Rural; Incorporated Places, Cities 5000+, Metropolitan Districts, Tracts
Data: Vol. 1. Number of Inhabitants, has 33 tables in the United States summary section
Most of vol. 1 contains data by state and territory in 9 tables:
  -   Population, 1790-1950, urban/rural
  -   Population, 1950, groups of places by size
  -   Population, 1900-1950, groups of places by size
  -   Population, 1790-1950, cities 10,000+
  -   Area and Population, 1930-1950, for counties, urban/rural
  -   Population, 1930-1950, for minor civil divisions of counties
  -   Population, 1940-1950, for incorporated places and unincorporated places 1,000+
  -   Population, 1950, for wards of cities 5,000+
  -   Population, 1950, for urbanized areas

Vol. 2. Characteristics of the Population, in 54 vols.
Location: 317 UN3 1950P V.2 PCL Stacks
Part 1 is a United States Summary
Table Finding Guide - U.S. summary
Parts 2-54 contain data for each state and territory
Table Finding Guide - States
Each state/territory part contains 94 tables with data for
  -   State
  -   Urban/Rural, Standard Metropolitan Areas, Urban Places, Places 1,000-2,000
  -   Counties, Rural nonfarm, Rural farm
  -   Cities 50,000-100,000; 100,000-250,000; and 250,000+
Topics of the tables are grouped by:
  -   Number of Inhabitants
  -   General Characteristics
  -   Detailed Characteristics

Vol. 3. Census Tract Statistics
Location: 317 UN3 1950P V.3 PCL Stacks
Data:Available in 64 paper bulletins for major cities

Vol. 4. Special Reports (series P-E)
Location: 317 UN3 1950SP NO. PCL Stacks
Available in 20 paper bulletins on miscellaneous topics

Census of Housing: 1950, 5 vols. in 15, plus 213 bulletins
Location: 317 UN3 1950H PCL Stacks
Data: Vol. 1. General Characteristics, in 7 parts
Presents data for the U.S., for individual states, and territories
Table Finding Guide - States
Topics are grouped in this order:
  -   Number of dwelling units
  -   Occupancy characteristics
  -   Structural characteristics
  -   Condition and plumbing facilities
  -   Equipment and fuels
  -   Financial characteristics

Vol. 2. Nonfarm Housing Characteristics, in 5 parts
Pt. 1 has U.S. and Division statistics
Pts. 2-5 have Standard Metropolitan Areas and Cities data
Ten tables are given for the various geographies:
  -   Value of owner-occupied units
  -   Contract monthly rent
  -   Gross monthly rent
  -   Condition and plumbing facilities
  -   Number of rooms
  -   Type of structure
  -   1949 income of head of household
  -   Sex and age of head of household
  -   Value-income ratio, or gross rent-income ratio
  -   Type of household

Vol. 3. Farm Housing Characterisics
A volume with data for Rural-Farm occupied dwelling units
Data for States and Economic subregions of states (often multi-county)
Has four tables per geographic unit:
  -   Number of rooms
  -   Condition and plumbing facilities
  -   Number of rooms in nonwhite dwellings
  -   Condition and plumbing facilities in nonwhite dwellings

Vol. 4. Residential Financing, in 2 parts
Pt. 1 has data for United States, regions, and territory inside and outside SMAs
Pt. 2 has less extensive data for 25 large SMAs

Vol. 5. Block Statistics, in 213 bulletins


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