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U.S. Census - 1930

Questionnaire, instructions, and table headers
Online: 1930 Census (Census Bureau)
Census Questions: 1930 Census Questions

Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population, 6 vols. in 7
Location: 317 UN3 1930P PCL Stacks
Geographic Levels: Nation, Divisions, States, Territories, Counties, Townships or other Minor Civil Divisions; Urban/Rural; Cities and other Incorporated Places
Data: Vol. 1, Number and Distribution of Inhabitants, has 16 tables in the U.S. summary section.
Most of vol. 1 contains data by state in 6 tables:
  -   Population, 1790-1930, for state
  -   Population, 1790-1930, for principal cities
  -   Area and Population, 1890-1930, for counties
  -   Population, 1910-1930, for minor civil divisions of counties
  -   Population, 1920-1930, for incorporated places
  -   Population, 1930, for wards of cities 5,000+

Vol. 2, General Report - Statistics by Subject, contains 14 chapters on:
  -   Urban and Rural Population, Metropolitan Districes, and Center of Population
  -   Color or Race, Nativity, and Parentage
  -   Sex Distribution
  -   State of Birth of the Native Population
  -   Country of Birth of the Foreign Born
  -   Country of Origin of the Foreign Born
  -   Mother Tongue of the Foreign-born White Population
  -   Citizenship of the Foreign Born
  -   Year of Immigration of the Foreign Born
  -   Age Distribution
  -   Marital Condition
  -   School Attendance
  -   Illiteracy
  -   Inability to Speak English

Vol. 3, Reports by States, Showing the Composition and Characteristics of the Population for Counties, Cities, and Townships or Other Minor Civil Divisions. 2 vols.
Contains 31 summary and detailed United States tables
25 tables with State data
13 tables with data for Cities 100,000+
23 tables for each State, including data on:
  -   Population, 1890-1930, urban/rural
  -   Population, 1910-1930, by color, nativity, and sex
  -   Population, 1920-1930, for military age males
  -   School attendance, 1920-1930
  -   Illiteracy, 1920-1930
  -   Marital condition, 1920-1930
  -   Foreign white stock, 1920-1930
  -   Persons 10+ gainfully occupied, 1930
  -   Population, 1930, for counties and cities 10,000+ by age, color, nativity, and sex
  -   Composition of population, 1930, for counties, farm/non- farm, cities 10,000+ and incorporated places 2500-10,000
  -   Population, 1910-1930, of Indians, Chinese, and Japanese; and Mexicans, 1930
  -   Population, 1930, by sex, color, age, etc., for minor civil divisions, incorporated places, 1000-2,500, and cities, 50,000+, by wards

Vol. 4, Occupations, by States
Contains 57 United States summary tables on:
  -   Sex and Occupation of Gainful Workers
  -   Color and Nativity of Gainful Workers
  -   Age of Gainful Workers
  -   Marital Condition of Gainfully Occupied Women
  -   Children in Gainful Occupation
  -   Statistics for Cities of 25,000 to 100,000
25 tables for individual states on the same six topics.

Vol. 5, General Report on Occupations, contains 7 chapters on:
  -   Enumeration and Classification of Occupations
  -   Sex and Occupation of Gainful Workers
  -   Color and Nativity of Gainful Workers
  -   Age of Gainful Workers
  -   Marital Condition of Gainfully Occupied Women
  -   Children in Gainful Occupation
  -   Gainful Workers by Industry and Occupation

Vol. 6, Families: Reports by States, giving statistics for Families, Dwellings and Homes, by Counties, for Urban and Rural Areas, and for Urban Places of 2,500 or More
Contains summary and detailed tables for the United States, Divisions and States, and Principal Cities
Has, for each State, 24 tables including:
  -   Families by color and nativity of head
  -   Tenure of farm and nonfarm homes
  -   Families by tenure, by size, and median size
  -   Nonfarm homes by value, and median value
  -   Families classified by number of children, by gainful workers, and by lodgers
  -   Quasi-family groups by type
  -   Families having radio sets
  -   Classification of families
          -   by county
          -   cities 10,000 to 100,000
          -   incorporated places 2,500 to 10,000
          -   wards of cities 100,000+

Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Outlying Territories and Possessions
Location: 317 UN3 1930O PCL Stacks
Reports data for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Panama Canal
Contents, in 43 tables per territory:
  -   Number and Distribution of Inhabitants
  -   Composition and Characteristics of the Population
  -   Occupations
  -   Unemployment
  -   Agriculture

Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Unemployment
Location: 317 UN3 1930U PCL Stacks
Vol. 1 has 45 United States summary tables, and 13 tables per state
  -   Reports Unemployed persons in up to 7 classes
Vol. 2, General Report, contains 5 chapters:
  -   Unemployment by occupation
  -   Unemployment by period of idleness
  -   Unemployment by marital condition
  -   Part-time employment
  -   Special census of unemployment, Jan. 1931

Abstract of the Fifteenth Census of the United States
Location: 317 UN3 1930 PCL Stacks
Summarizes data on:
  -   Population
  -   Occupations
  -   Families
  -   Unemployment
  -   Agriculture
  -   Irrigation and Drainage
  -   Manufactures
  -   Mines & Quarries
  -   Retail Distribution
  -   Wholesale Distribution
  -   Construction
  -   Hotels
  -   Outlying Territories and Possessions


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