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Concerns about water -- its availability and quality -- are rapidly gaining the attention of the public, government, and researchers. In Texas, these concerns have recently been focused on issues surrounding the Edwards Aquifer (for which there is a separate guide), but many more areas of interest are developing. Sources of information on water in Texas are wide ranging and complex. This guide will introduce you to some of the major providers of Texas water data, and help you locate publications in the University of Texas Libraries.

This will be a general guide to sources of Texas water information -- research organizations whose mission is to generate publications about water in Texas -- but remember to check the major periodical indexes for published research in journal articles detailing specific water topics that have a Texas focus.

Note about Policy and Legal information:
If you need information about law or policy, it would be best to consult specialized reference works about those topics for information they may contain on water law and policy. Ask for reference assistance at the Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) or Law Library for information on these topics.

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