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Geological Sciences Theses and Dissertations :

Availability and Use

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Thesis and dissertation copies housed in the Walter Geology Library are available for consultation on site by all library users. Students, faculty, staff, and courtesy borrowers may check these materials out for normal loan periods. Walter library PhD dissertations, as well as masters theses, are eligible for interlibrary borrowing. Those items not available at the Walter Geology Library may be available in the Perry-Castaneda Library (PCL). PCL theses completed prior to 1975 are in storage and may require additional time to retrieve. You can check the library catalog to determine availability of PCL theses and dissertations.

Students, faculty and staff with valid UT Austin ID cards may check out materials from the Walter Geology Library. There may be applicable reciprocal borrowing agreements with UT System components, or with other institutions of higher education. Please call Courtesy Borrower Services at (512) 495-4305 to find out if such an agreement exists with your institution. If it does, you might also consult with a reference librarian at your home institution, as prior arrangements are usually required. Adult Texas residents are eligible for a Courtesy Borrower Card, entitling the holder to circulation privileges. For information on costs and requirements, click on the above URL or contact the Circulation Services Department, Perry Castaneda Library 2.122, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78713. (512) 495-4305.


For those who are not members of the UT community, but wish to borrow items from this list without coming to the Walter Library, it is necessary to have the library you normally use (academic, corporate, or public) request an interlibrary loan of the items you desire. To find out more about UT Austin Interlibrary Services, go to our ILS web page for those not affiliated with UT Austin.

COPYING PhD Dissertations and M.A. theses

Theses and dissertations are protected by copyright. To find out whether substantial portions of a master's thesis may be copied, contact UT Austin the University of Texas Libraries Interlibrary Services (address and phone number below). See also our ILS page (above) for information on Inter Library Service Policies.

Copies of PhD dissertations written since 1957 can usually be purchased from UMI (now a division of Bell and Howell). Any library can provide information about the services of UMI, or call 1-800-521-3042.

The University of Texas Libraries will make copies for sale only of PhD dissertations completed prior to 1957, and only if permission of the author can be obtained. Copies of Master's theses likewise can be provided only if the author has given permission. Color copies and full size reproduction of plates are not available. To find out if a copy can be made call (512) 495-4130. Fax requests can be sent to (512) 495-4283.


We encourage the use of theses and dissertations, but it is important to note that these volumes are virtually irreplaceable. We ask that borrowers exercise care and restraint, returning materials on time and in the condition they were provided.


Walter Geology Library
GEO 4.202 / S5438
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1101
(512) 495-4680

For Interlibrary Loan services:

Perry-Castaneda Library
Inter-Library Service
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78713-7330
(512) 495-4130
(512) 495-4283 fax

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