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Geological Sciences Theses and Dissertations Index : 2013

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The Undergraduate Senior Honors Theses, Master's Theses, and PhD Dissertations shown in this table were completed at the University of Texas at Austin in the field of Geological Sciences. This index encompasses the year 2009 - 2012 and includes links to available abstracts. Dissertation abstracts published prior to 2001 may be found through Dissertations and Theses: Full Text.

Last Name


Date Published



Alhussain, M.A. Fracture characterization of a carbonate reservoir in the Arabian Peninsula 2013 May PhD Sen
Barghouty, L. Surface-related multiple elimination and velocity-independent imaging of a 2D seismic line from the Viking Graben Dataset 2013 December BS Fomel
Berney, J. Regional variability in mid-latitude glaciers on Mars from orbital radar : implications for formation 2013 May BS Holt
Burroughs, R.W. Fossils, phylogeny, and anatomical regions : insights exemplified through turtles 2013 August MS Bell
Burrus, J.B. Structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Weepah Hills Area, NV - transition from Basin-and-Range extension to Miocene core complex formation 2013 May MS Stockli
Camacho, J.N. Influence of the permian syndepositional fracture network on the modern geomorphology at Slaughter Canyon, New Mexico 2013 December BS Kerans
Carlson, B. Basin depth control on the fluvial autogenic processes of deltaic systems 2013 December BS Kim
Delbecq, K.L. Physical models of tsunami deposition : an investigation of morphodynamic controls 2013 May MS Kim
DeSanto, J.B. Evaluating transience of a potential geothermal flux anomaly beneath a tributary ice stream of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica 2013 May BS Blankenship
Dixon, J.F. Shelf-edge deltas : stratigraphic complexity and relationship to deep-water deposition 2013 May PhD Steel
Duncan, M.H. Northeastern Gulf of Mexico : volcanic or passive margin? seismic implications of the Gulf of Mexico Basin opening project 2013 May MS Christeson
Eldam, R. Petrogenesis of several serpentinites within the Franciscan Complex and Coast Range ophiolite, western California 2013 May BS Barnes
Gao, B. Pore pressure within dipping reservoirs in overpressure basins 2013 August MS Flemings
Gawey, M.R. Implications for monitoring CO2 leakage at CCS sites 2013 May MS Breecker
Gutowski, G.R. Effect of modeled pre-industrial Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance bias on uncertainty in sea level rise projections in 2100 2013 August MS Blankenship
Hiebert, S.F. High-resolution correlation framework of the Grayburg Formation-Shattuck Escarpment and Plowman Ridge : testing models of shelf-to-basin frameworks 2013 August MS Kerans
Hingst, M.C. Geochemical effects of elevated methane and carbon dioxide in near-surface sediments above an EOR/CCUS site 2013 May MS Young
Huang, L. Transport pathways of fire generated tracers to the upper troposphere as determined by A-Train satellite measurements 2013 May PhD Fu
Kampa, K. Energy return on investment for a geothermal power plant on the Texas Gulf Coast 2013 May MA King
Kanarek, M.R. Understanding the effects of wildfire on soil moisture dynamics 2013 August MS Cardenas
Kim, H.K. 2500 B.P. Savanna expansion of west central Africa : humans or climate? 2013 May BS Shanahan
Kordi, M. Characterization and prediction of reservoir quality in chlorite-coated sandstones : evidence from the Late Cretaceous Lower Tuscaloosa Formation at Cranfield Field, Mississippi, U.S.A. 2013 May PhD Fisher
Lake, E.T. Geochemical and thermal insights into caldera-forming "super-eruptions" 2013 May PhD Cloos
Lester, W.R. From rifting to collision : the evolution of the Taiwan Mountain Belt 2013 May PhD McIntosh
Levina, M. Cenozoic sedimentation and exhumation of the foreland basin system in the Precordillera fold-thrust belt (31-32°S), southern central Andes, Argentina 2013 May MS Horton
Malin, R.A. Geoscience and decision making for geothermal energy : a case study 2013 May MA Pierce
Markez, D. Structural framework and seismic geomorphology of the Cretaceous beneath the Mad Dog Area, deep to ultradeep waters Gulf of Mexico 2013 May MS Wood
Marsh, A.D. Osteology of sarahsaurus aurifontanalis and geochemical observations of the dinosaurs from the type quarry of sarahsaurus (Kayenta Formation), Coconino County, Arizona 2013 May MS Rowe
Ned, A.M. Dynamic stratigraphy and sediment partitioning of high-supply fluvial succession in Maastrichtian source-to-sink system 2013 May MS Steel
Parker, J.A. Outcrop analysis of ooid grainstones in the Permian Grayburg Formation, Shattuck Escarpment, New Mexico 2013 May MS Kerans
Pommer, L.E. Natural fracture cementation in the Marcellus Formation 2013 May MS Gale
Prather, T.J. Chlorine and hydrogen isotope geochemistry of obsidian glasses : behavior during volcanic degassing at Mono Craters, CA 2013 May BS Barnes
Rhatigan, C.H. Thermochronometric investigation of Paleozoic stratigraphic and thermal evolution of the Western Desert, Egypt 2013 May MS Stockli
Shaw, J.B. Kinematics of distributary channels on the Wax Lake Delta, coastal Louisiana, USA 2013 May PhD Mohrig
Sigrin, B.O. Financial modeling of consumer discount rate in residential solar photovoltaic purchasing decisionse 2013 May MA Rai
Smith, I.B. On the spiral troughs of Mars 2013 August PhD Holt
Speciale, P.A. Geochemistry and geochronology of the Beypazari Granitoid Pluton (North Central Turkey) : tectonic implications 2013 May BS Catlos
Sripanich, Y. Efficient algorithm for two-point seismic ray tracing in layered media 2013 May BS Fomel
Stocker, M.R. Contextualizing vertebrate faunal dynamics : new perspectives from the Triassic and Eocene of Western North America 2013 May PhD Bell
Sun, Ying Role of mesophyll CO2 diffusion and large-scale disturbances in the interactions between climate and carbon cycles 2013 May PhD Dickinson
Sydow, L.A. Cinder Pool's sulfur chemistry : implications for the origin of life in hydrothermal environments 2013 August MS Bennett
Trautman, M.C. Hidden intrusions and molybdenite mineralization beneath the Kucing Liar Skarn, Ertsberg-Grasberg Mining District, Papua, Indonesia 2013 August MS Cloos
Vitek, N.S. Eastern box turtle (terrapene carolina) in space and time 2013 May MS Bell
Wallace, K.J. Use of 3-dimensional dynamic modeling of CO2 injection for comparison to regional static capacity assessments of Miocene sandstone reservoirs in the Texas State Waters, Gulf of Mexico 2013 May MS Meckel
Wang, K. Evaluation of a land surface solar radiation partitioning scheme using remote sensing and site level FPAR datasets 2013 August MS Dickinson
Wicks, T.Z. Use of δ13C values of leporid teeth as indicators of past vegetation 2013 May MS Shanahan
Wong, C. Delineating controls on hydrologic variability and water geochemistry in central Texas 2013 August PhD Banner
Wood, S.G. Lithofacies, depositional environments, and sequence stratigraphy of the Pennsylvanian (Morrowan-Atokan) Marble Falls Formation, Central Texas 2013 August MS Ruppel
Xia, Yu Dynamics of the eastern edge of the Rio Grande Rift 2013 August MS Grand
You, Y. Dynamics of dilative slope failure 2013 December PhD Flemings