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Geological Sciences Theses and Dissertations Index : 1997-2000

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The Master's Theses and PhD Dissertations shown in this table were completed at the University of Texas in the field of Geological Sciences. The list covers the years 1997-2000 and includes links to available master's abstracts. For copyright reasons, PhD abstracts are not included here. Dissertation abstracts may be found in Dissertations and Theses: Full Text.

Last Name Subject Year Type Supervisors
Akbar Three-Dimensional Prestack Plane-Wave Kirchhoff Depth Migration 1997 PhD  
Akyurek Characterization of Dolomitized Carbonate Ramp Reservoirs: Seminole San Andres Unit Well 5309, West Texas 1999 MS  
Aljuhani Data Integration For Reservoir Characterization: A Central Arabian Oil Field 1999 PhD  
Allen Hydrogeology Edwards and Trinity Group, Kimble County, Texas 1997 MA  
Aranda Neogene Contractional Growth Structures, Southern Gulf of Mexico 1999 MS  
Ariza Leonardian Lower Clear Fork Group, Permian Basin 1998 MS  
Babb Tectonics, Sedimentation Gulf of Paria, Trinidad 1997 PhD  
Balinsky Pleistocene to Holocene Microvertebrate Fauna, Central Texas 1997 MA  
Barker Tectonic Evolution of Bransfield Strait, West Antarctica 1997 PhD  
Bartelmann Soil Moisture, Rattlesnake Hill, Austin, Texas 1997 MS  
Beall Wolfcampian (lower Permian) platform and basin carbonates: Hueco Mountains and Midland Basin, West Texas 1999 MS  
Bené Non-Darcy Flow Through Porous Media 2000 MS  
Boghici Hydrogeological Investigations, Diamond Y Springs, Pecos County, Texas 1997 MA  
Bradley 3D Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of South Timbalier Block 54, Gulf of Mexico 2000 MS  
Brochu Crocodylia phylogenetics 1997 PhD  
Buck Pleistocene/Holocene Sea Level Changes, New Jersey Outer Continental Shelf 1997 MA  
Calderon Neural Network Modeling in Geophysical Exploration 1997 PhD  
Camerlo Detachment Folds, Monterrey Salient, Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico 1998 MS  
Carbón Facies architecture of Miocene fluvial-deltaic reservoirs in central Orinoco Belt (Eastern Venezuela Basin) 2000 MS  
Castellana Age And Origin, Coronel João Sá Pluton, Bahia, Brazil 1998 MS  
Castillo Guadalupe Formation, Cusiana Field, Llanos Foothills of Colombia 2000 MS  
Christoffel Mesoproterozoic tectonothermal development of southwestern Sweden 1997 MS  
Clark Along-Strike Variation of a Non-Volcanic Rifted Margin: Galicia Bank and the Iberia Abyssal Plain 1999 MS  
Colbert Patterns of Evolution and Variation in the Tapiroidea (Mammalia: Perissodactyla 1999 PhD  
Coskun Seismic Stratigraphy, Northern Part of the Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand 1998 MS  
Courme Forward Seismic Modeling, Abo Formation, Apache Canyon, West Texas, Compared to Subsurface Equivalent, Kingdom Abo Field, Midland Basin 1999 MS  
Cowley Oligocene to Recent Stratigraphic & Tectonic History, Central Solomon Intra-arc Basin 1998 MS  
Cruz Albian Carbonate Analogs: Cedar Park Quarry, TX, USA, and Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil 1997 PhD  
Dai Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Sun Oil and Gas Field, South Texas 2000 PhD  
Darling Ground Water Flow, Eagle Flat and Red Light Basins, Trans-Pecos Texas 1997 PhD  
Devereax Surface Soil Moisture Variability Within Remote-Sensing Footprints 1998 MS  
Díaz Shore-zone Reservoir System In Barúa Field, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela 1998 MS  
Edgerton Sediment-Buffered Hydrothermal vents : Red Dog ZN-PB-AG Orebody, Alaska 1997 PhD  
Fang Yegua Formation, Houston Salt Embayment, Texas Gulf Coast 2000 PhD  
Faulkenberry Sedimentology, Depositional History, Miocene Gila Group in the Mimbres Basin, Grant County, New Mexico 1999 MS  
Fenstemaker Density-driven free convection across low permeability strata, South Texas example 2000 MS  
Fimlay Seismic interpretation of shore zone-inner shelf deposits, Corpus Christi Bay 2000 MS  
Fitchen Lower Permian Sequence Stratigraphy, Western Delaware Basin Margin, Sierra Diablo, West Texas 1997 PhD  
Gordon Phylloid Algal Bioherms, Sacramento Mountains New Mexico 1997 MA  
Gournay Phylloid Algal Bioherms and Ooid Grainstones: Comparing Subsurface Data from the Aneth Platform and Outcrop Data, Southeastern Utah 1999 PhD  
Graham Continental River Routing for Fully Coupled Climate System Models 2000 PhD  
Grimes The Grenville Orogeny in West Texas: Structure, Kinematics, Metamorphism and Depositional Environment of the Carrizo Mountain Group 1999 PhD  
Guzman Miocene Stratigraphy and Depositional Framework of Northeastern Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela: Implications for Reservoir Heterogeneity Prediction in Tectonically-Active Settings 1999 PhD  
Halihan Permeability Structure in Fractured Aquifers 2000 PhD  
Hamlin Syn-Orogenic Permian deposition, Ozona Sandstone, Val Verde Basin, SW Texas 1999 PhD  
Harrison Hydrothermal Alteration and Fluid Evolution of the Grasberg Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit, Irian Jaya, Indonesia 1999 MS  
Henning 3-D Seismic Imaging 1997 MA  
Hernandez Oligocene Frio Depisode, Burgos Basin, Northeastern Mexico. 2000 MS  
Hicks Cox Sandstone, Finlay Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas 1997 MA  
Hirsch Quantitative Studies of Porphyroblastic Textures 2000 PhD  
Hoffman Milankovitch Orbital Forcing, Glen Rose and Fort Terrett Formations 2000 PhD  
Hoh Deformational History, Valley Spring Domain, Northeastern Llano Uplift, Devil's Waterhole, Inks Lake State Park, Burnet County, Texas 2000 MS  
Hudgeons Petrology and Geochemistry, Marquez Shale Septarian Concretions, Bastrop County, Texas 1999 MS  
Hunt Mesoproterozoic Structural Evolution and Lithologic Investigation, Western Llano Uplift, Central Texas 2000 MS  
Hutchings Sequence Stratigraphy, Permian Delaware Mountain Group, Delaware Basin: Application of Stacking Pattern Analysis 2000 MS  
Jaimes Multicomponent Seismilogy: Basic Concepts and Applications 2000 MA  
Jiménez Structural styles of the Andean foothills, Putumayo Basin, Colombia 1997 MS  
John Stratigraphic correlation, Entrada Formation, Northeast Arizona with emphasis on Todilto Formation deposition 2000 MS  
Johnson The Role of the Ocean in the Planetary Angular Momentum Budget 1998 PhD  
Kempter Rincón de la Vieja Volcanic Complex, NW Costa Rica 1997 PhD  
Khorzad Land Subsidence along the Texas Gulf Coast Due to Oil and Gas Withdrawal 2000 MS  
Kilic Neural Network Technology in Reservoir Characterization Studies 1998 MS  
Kim Natural Gas Ultimate Recovery Growth Modeling By Plays In The Gulf Coast Basin 1998 PhD  
Knox Blair and Rock Springs formations, Southwest Wyoming 1997 MA  
Könnecke Southern Kerguelen Plateau, Indian Ocean 1997 MS  
Kong Continental Margin Deformation Analysis and Reconstruction-Evolution Of The East China Sea Basin And Adjacent Plate Interaction 1998 PhD  
Lambert Subsurface meso-scale structural geology of the Kucing Liar and Amole drifts and petrology of the heavy sulfide zone, South Grasberg igneous complex, Irian Jaya 2000 MS  
Landrum Hydrogeologic Properties of Fracture Skins and their Effects on Radionuclide Transport 2000 MS  
Leon Misoa Formation, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela 1997 MA  
Li, N. Jinding Zn-pb Deposit, Southwest China 1998 PhD  
Lindsay Controlled Fracture Study of Geologic Materials 2000 MS  
Liu Late Cretaceous Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional History, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico 2000 PhD  
Lobo Fractured Reservoirs: Concepts and Case Studies 2000 MA  
Luck Structural Geology of the Grasberg Lime Quarry and Amole Drift : Implications for Emplacement of the Grasberg Igneous Complex, Irian Jaya, Indonesia 1999 MS  
Luhurbudi Atlantic Continental Margin, Seismic Processing 1997 MA  
Lundquist Foraminiferal Biostratigraphic and Paleoceanographic Analysis of the Eagle Ford, Austin, and Lower Taylor Groups, Central Texas 2000 PhD  
Lundy Seismic Coupling, New Hebrides Trench 1998 MS  
Mace Ground-water Flow, Solute Transport in Fractured Chalk, North-central Texas 1998 PhD  
McKenna Fluid and Heat Flow, Rio Grande Embayment, Gulf of Mexico Basin 1997 PhD  
Macrini High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) of the Skull of an Extant Opossum (Monodelphis domestica) and a Comparison of its Ontogeny to Synapsid Phylogeny 2000 MS  
Mahler Mobile Sediments in a Karst Aquifer 1997 PhD  
Mann Numerical Modeling, Deformation around Allochthonous Salt Tongues, Gulf Of Mexico 1998 MS  
Martineau Hydrogeochemistry, Pine River Methane Seeps Durango, Colorado 1997 MS  
Massell Macquarie Ridge Complex, Pacific-Australia Plate Boundary 1997 MA  
Matzel Alaska, Mantle Composition, D'' Layer 1997 MA  
Merck Phylogenetic Analysis of the Euryapsid Reptiles 1997 PhD  
Miller Squamates, Campanian Terlingua Local Fauna, Big Bend Area, Texas 1997 MA  
Mohr Investigation of Land/Atmosphere Interactions: Soil Moisture, Heat Fluxes, and Atmospheric Convection 2000 PhD  
Molineux Pennsylvanian Shales, North-Central Texas 1997 PhD  
Moros Relationship between fracture aperture and length in sedimentary rocks 1999 MS  
Musgrove Temporal Links Between Climate and Hydrology: Insights From Central Texas Cave Deposits and Groundwater 2000 PhD  
Muszala Magnetics, Puerto Rico Trench, and Aeromagnetics, Alaska North Slope 1998 MS  
Nieto Facies Architecture, Production Optimization, Unit K1, Apiay Field, Llanos Basin, Colombia 1997 MA  
Nuth The Analysis of Radar Altimeter Waveform Reflections Over Continental Ice Sheets 1999 PhD  
Nyffenegger Aftershock Occurrence Rate Decay 1998 PhD  
Oribio Miocene Reservoir Architecture, Bachaquero Field, Maracaibo Basin 1997 MA  
Ortega Microfractures, Mesaverde Sandstones, San Juan Basin, New Mexico 1997 MS  
Owen Phylogenetic Relationships Among American Badgers (Taxidiinae) 2000 PhD  
Park Depositional Facies Analysis from Seismic Attributes in the Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand 1999 MS  
Parra Redondo Managing Risk with Derivatives in the Oil and Gas Business 1998 MA  
Penniston-Dorland Veins and Alteration Envelopes, Grasberg Igneous Complex, Irian Jaya, Indonesia 1997 MS  
Piontek Origin of the 1.3 Ga Hästefjorden and Ursand intrusions, SW Sweden: Nd evidence for crust-mantle interaction in the genesis of A-type suites 1999 MS  
Phinney Sequence stratigraphy, structure and tectonics, Solomon Islands vicinity 1997 MA  
Pursell Seawater Chemistry And Diagenesis Derived From 87sr/86sr Variations, Latemar Carbonate Platform, Dolomites, Italy 1997 MS  
Reed Emplacement and Deformation of Late Syn-Orogenic, Grenville-Age Granites in the Llano Uplift, Central Uplift 1999 PhD  
Rico Geometric and Kinematic Evolution of a Complete Detachment Fold in a Natural Cross-section 1999 MS  
Riter Geochemical and Tectonic Evolution of the Colorado Plateau Mantle Lithosphere: Evidence from Grand Canyon Mantle Xenoliths 1999 PhD  
Rodell Estimating Changes in Terrestrial Water Storage 2000 PhD  
Rodríguez Tectonic Analysis, Stratigraphy And Depositional History Of The Miocene Sedimentary Section, Central Eastern Venezuela Basin 1999 PhD  
Rogers Nutrient-Driven Colonization and Weathering of Silicates 2000 PhD  
Romanak Vadose-zone Geochemistry, Playa Wetlands, High Plains Texas 1997 PhD  
Roth Nagssugtoqidian Orogen of West Greenland 2000 MS  
Royer Ice-dominated Deltas, Sydney Basin, Australia 1998 MS  
Sagebiel Late Pleistocene Fauna, Zesch Cave, Mason County, Texas 1998 MS  
Sapiie Faults, Breccia, and Porphyry Cu-Au Mineralization Irian Jaya, Indonesia 1998 PhD  
Schlottmann A Path Integral Formulation of Elastic Wave Propagation 2000 PhD  
Schuster Hydrogeology Toyah Basin Aquifer 1997 MS  
Schuur Macquarie Ridge Complex, Antarctic/New Zealand Region Sediment Transport 1997 MA  
Sen Seismic Survey, Antarctica, Seismic Migration And Target Oriented Velocity Analysis 1998 PhD  
Shepherd Depositional History and Reservoir Characterization, Northeast Hardesty Field, Texas County, Oklahoma 2000 MS  
Sipahioglu Upper Miocene Facies Architecture, Depositional History, South Marsh Island Area, Gulf of Mexico 2000 MS  
Smith, V.P. Hypogene Veining, Tyrone Porphyry Copper Deposit, Grant County, New Mexico 1998 MS  
Souza Integrated Diagenetic Modeling and Reservoir Quality Assessment of the Água Grande Sandstones, Recôncavo Basin, Northeast Brazil 1999 PhD  
Stachowiak The Nature and Causes of Backstop Deformation in the Northern Lesser Antilles Subduction Zone 2000 MS  
Steinke Structure, Kinematics of Northern Plomosa Mountains, Arizona 1998 MA  
Swezey Climatic And Tectonic Controls, Chott Rharsa Basin, Southern Tunisia 1997 PhD  
Tanis Prestack Split-Step Fourier Depth Migration Algorithms and Parallel Implementations On Cray T3e 1998 PhD  
Tsoflias Hydrogeologic Characterization of Fractured Carbonate Aquifers Employing Ground-Penetrating Radar 1999 PhD  
Turich Paleoecology and Diagenesis, Lower Capitan Reef, Slaughter Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico 2000 MS  
Tykoski Osteology of Syntarsus Kayentakatae and Its Implications For Ceratosaurid Phylogeny 1998 PhD  
Uliana Regional groundwater flow paths related to regional structural features, Salt and Toyah Basins, Trans-Pecos Texas 2000 PhD  
Upitis Paleocene & Eocene Sequence Stratigraphy & Lithostratigraphy, Rio Grande Valley, Texas 1998 MS  
Van Gestel Structure and tectonics of the Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands platform and multi-configuration ground penetrating radar data 2000 PhD  
Vélez Geometric analysis of the Reed Wash detachment fold train, west flank of San Rafael Swell, Utah 2000 MS  
Vur Petroleum Geological Data Management 1999 MA  
Walsh Mechanics of Graben Evolution in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, Utah 2000 MS  
Weiland Emplacement of the Irian Ophiolite and Unroofing of the Ruffaer Metamorphic Belt of Irian Jaya, Indonesia 1999 PhD  
Whitefield<> Mesoproterozoic Magmatic Arc In The Llano Uplift, Central Texas 1997 MA  
Xia Background Velocity Estimation, AVO and Full Waveform Inversion, Horizontally Stratified Media 1997 PhD  
Zahm, C. Regional Groundwater Flow Measurements, Barton Springs Segment, Edwards Aquifer 1998 MS  
Zahm, L. Depositional Model and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for Upper Albian/lower Cenomanian Carbonate Ramp, Comanche Shelf, Texas 1997 MA  
Zimmerman Sorption In A Model Fracture System 1997 MS  
Zirczy Multicomponent Seismic Interpretation of the Second Wind Field, Kiowa and Cheyenne Counties, Colorado 2000 MS  
Zumbro A Structural, Petrologic, and Geochemical Investigation, Valley Spring Gneiss, Southeastern Llano Uplift, Central Texas 1999 MS