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Walter Geology Library Through Time :

 The Transformative Years

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Little Shell Icon The new addition to the Geology Building looks like this.

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Here we have some pictures of the library space during initial phases of renovation:

(Hover over the images to make them stop. Click on the images for a bigger view.)

(Or click on the links below to open the images in a new window.)

Stacks being disassembled
Shelves packed up to go
New uses for a reading room
When librarians run amok
When librarians run amok II
Farewell notes
Keep out

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Here we have a preliminary picture of what will be the reading room in the new addition.
This will be the new entrance to the library.


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No, not a pizza delivery man. He's the book delivery man.
Dennis is fetching books from CDL storage, and forgot his miner's lamp.
Another view of books being fetched.
One of the friendly folks at CDL, posing next to our books.


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More construction:
Here's one way to make a new window
And here's how to make it larger
How about some new doors, too?
Formerly, the reading room.


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The Construction Gallery
(all photos in the gallery courtesy of Joe Jaworski)


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