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Thelma Lynn Guion : Walter Geology Library Staff Award


A staff honors endowment was raised in Thelma Lynn Guion's honor. This award is given each year to one or more people who have provided excellent service or assistance to the Walter Geology Library.

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1996-97: Jim McCulloch, Carol Russell, Becky Zertuche, and Dan Mulvihill

1997-98: Rosemary Barker

1998-99: Jo A. Soto

1999-2000: Ann Nelson and Harry Sullivan

2000-01: Jeff Newberry and Rebecca Romanchuk

2001-02: Alice Dewberry and Carol Russell

2002-03: George R. Cogswell, Joseph A. Lucas

2003-04: Margaret Bieneman, Yusliz Sufian

2004-05: Vickie Drake and Mabel Torres

2005-06: Angela Kille and Sean O'Brien

2006-07: Amy Baker and Pat Dickerson

2007-08: April DeRome and Caitlyn Lam

2008-09: Claire Boetticher and Uri Kolodney

2009-10: David Melanson and Jennifer Lee

2010-11: Calla Smith-Dowling and Meredith Bush

2011-12: Ann Marchock

2012-13: Kara Scott and Nicole Raney

2013-14: Katherine Strickland and Russell Podgorsek

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