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Equipment, Scanners, Copiers, and Printer

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Laptops and Supplies

Check-out Laptops and Supplies at the Circulation Desk with a valid UT ID.


T.V. with DVD and VCR

Two televisions located in study carrels at the back of the library. They have DVD and VCR playing capabilities. Check-out a remote and headphones from the Circulation Desk.

Drafting Table

Drafting Table

This drafting table lights up. Located in the Map area. For use in the library.

If using the table for drafting, please do not use scotch tape, as this damages the surface. Various drafting equipment may be checked out from the Circulation Desk.



Portable light table

Available for checkout. Located near the Open Reserves.

Microfiche Reader

Located in the back of the library near the Open Reserves cabinets.

The microfiche reader does not have printing capabilities, but microfiche are available for check-out. The PCL has a microfiche/film reader that prints and that can scan to a Flash drive.

Slide Projector

For use in the library. Located in the back of the library near the Micorfiche cabinets. It uses a round carousel.


Copiers and Printer

We have two copiers, a copy card vending machine, and one print station. The printer is located at the end of the computer stations table.

Copying & Printing:

Copy cards are required for copying and printing.

Copiers offer single-sided, Black&White copies.

Printer is B&W, with an option for single- or double-sided. Color, double-sided, and BEVO Bucks services are available at PCL.

Geology Library does NOT have the capability to make transparencies, make two-sided photocopies, make color photocopies or print-outs, make PDF files from the copier, or to accept Bevo Bucks.

Buy a Copy Card:

It costs $1 to purchase a blank copy card.

Credit cards:


The card vending machine does not make change and library staff do not have any way to make change.

For more information about copy cards, refunds, and copying facilities in the University of Texas Libraries, see the PCL Library Copier and Printing Services or call 495-4239.

Scanners and Map Scanner

Two small flatbed scanners. Requires UT login.

Map scanner at a computer station. Requires UT login.

KIC scanner by the Circulation Desk. Available to public. E-mail capability for UT affiliates only.

Instructions are next to the scanners.