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Copiers and Printer

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There are two copiers and one print station in the Geology Library. The copiers and printer print in black and white, one side only, and do not have the capability to make transparencies. Copies are $.13 per page.

To make copies or to print, you will need a copy card.

We have a Copy Card vending machine that accepts cash and credit cards.

A blank copy card costs one dollar. Money needs to be added to the blank card in order to make copies.

The card vending machine does not make change and library staff do not have any way to make change. If you use a five, ten, or twenty dollar bill, the first dollar goes towards buying the blank card and the remaining amount goes towards putting money on the card.

Ex: $5 bill = card + $4 for copies

VISA and MasterCard are the credit cards accepted. There's a two dollar minimum purchase for credit cards. Multiple, same-day transactions need to have different dollar amounts.

Ex: 1st= $10.00, 2nd= $9.98, 3rd= $10.03

For more information about copy cards, and copying facilities in the University of Texas Libraries, see the PCL Library Copier and Printing Services or call 495-4239.