Trans-Pecos Texas Geology Resources - compiled by Piper Martin 1/2002, revised 4/2011

Trans-Pecos Overview:

This arid and sparsely populated region contains some of the most exciting geology in Texas. While most of the state is quite flat and less than 2500 feet above sea level, the Trans-Pecos area experienced the Laramide Orogeny--resulting in Basin and Range topography--as well as extensive Tertiary volcanism and faulting. These events elevated the basins to about 4000 feet above sea level with mountain ranges that jut up 2000 to 3000 additional feet. The hydrology of the region is also of interest since most of it is characterized by internal drainage, that is, when most of the water evaporates and the remainder seeps into the basin fill to recharge aquifers. The Trans-Pecos boundaries are roughly defined on the south and west by the Rio Grande River, on the north by the thirty-second parallel (also the boundary with New Mexico), on the northeast by the western margins of the Pecos River valley, and on the southeast by the Edwards Plateau.

How to use this guide:

This guide is arranged by type of resource: online resources, guidebooks/field guides, monographs, agency publications (like the USGS or the Bureau of Economic Geology), and theses or dissertations. The call numbers in this guide all refer to the item's location in the UT Walter Geology Library so please copy and paste them into the Library Catalog. This guide does not include journal articles, so if you would like to look up journal or periodical articles (including articles from AAPG or GSA Bulletins) and other full text resources on the Trans-Pecos, please go to Geosciences Links. This research guide is certainly not exhaustive; rather, the resources listed here will hopefully give you a good start in your research--many other items in the library are about the Trans-Pecos. Lastly, do not hesitate to consult a librarian for help or advice at any time in the research process.

See also our Big Bend page.

Online Resources

There are not very many online sources for the Trans-Pecos. However, Virtual Landscapes of Texas' presentation of the Dumble Survey includes some of the first mapping of the area and two UT geology professors have excellent bibliographies for Trans-Pecos hydrology and igneous petrology.

W.H. von Streeruwitz's contribution to the Dumble Survey: Second annual report of the Geological Survey of Texas Publication and Third annual report of the Geological Survey of Texas Publication

Dr. John Sharp's bibliography of Trans-Pecos References

Dr. Daniel S. Barker's Trans Pecos Analyses

For information on the adjacent Big Bend region, see our Big Bend research guide

Visit the Geology Library's Virtual Field Trip Guides for pictures and explanatory text about the following locales: Permian Reef, Hueco Tanks, the Franklin Mountains, McKittrick Canyon, and several guides and road logs for areas near El Paso.


Monographs are books or book-like entities; for example, theses and dissertations from schools other than UT Austin could be found here. Their common characteristic is that the whole volume is largely devoted to one particular subject. The following are listed in call number order and can be found in the Walter Geology Library unless otherwise noted.

Biostratigraphy of the Chispa Summit Formation at Its Type Locality: A Cenomanian Through Turonian Reference Section for Trans-Pecos Texas, 1989.
MINCAT 41,169

Hydrogeochemical and stream sediment detailed geochemical survey for Trans-Pecos, Texas. Butz, T. R. (Todd Randall), 1979.
QD 181 U7 B88 1979 PT.1-4

Hydrogeochemical Reconnaissance for Uranium in Trans-Pecos Texas, 1978.
QD 181 U7 C87 1978

Microfacies and Depositional Environments of the Hueco Formation (Permian), Van Horn Mountains, West Texas, 1997.
QE 167 F74 1997A

The Trans-Pecos sulphur field. A report of their economic geology and value. Caracristi, C. F. Z., 1905.
QE 168 E42 C37 1905

Geologic Wonders of West Texas by Donald P. McGookey, 2004.
QE 168 P47 M34 2004

Petrography and Geochemistry of Tertiary Igneous Rocks, Southern Quitman Mountains and Vicinity, Hudspeth County, Texas, 1985.
QE 461 W97 1985

Clays and Associated Minerals in Caves of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico, 1998.
QE 471.3 P65 1998A

Geochemical contrasts between nepheline trachyte and silica-oversaturated intrusive igneous rocks : Davis Mountains Volcanic Field, Trans-Pecos Texas. Gilbert, Sarah C. 1989.
QE 515 G55 1989

Geology of the Davis Mountains Resort Area, Trans-Pecos Texas. LaRocca, Roch B. 1984. (Senior Thesis, Baylor U.)
QE 601 L37 1984

Structure of the Upper Cretaceous Ojinaga Formation, Foothills Area, Southern Quitman Mountains, Hudspeth County, Texas, 1987.
QE 601 P87 1987A

Geometry, Origin, and Deformational Environment of Minor Folds in the Southern Quitman Mountains, Western Trans-Pecos Texas, 1983.
QE 606 A335 1983

Precambrian Allamore and Hazel Formations: A Zone of Simple Shear in the Millican Hills Area, West Trans-Pecos Texas, 1999.
QE 653 L43 1999

Precambrian Geology of Franklin Mountains and Van Horn Area, Trans-Pecos, Texas, 1993.
QE 653 S633

Structural Analysis of Folding of Paleozoic Sequence, Solitario Uplift, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1981.
QE 654 B34 1981

Sedimentology, Paleoecology, and Diagenesis of the Massive Facies of the Lower and Middle Capitan Limestone (Permian), Guadalupe Mountains, 1976.
QE 674 Y87 1976A

Paleoecology of Permain Bryozoan Bioherms in the Glass Mountains, West Texas, 1985.
QE 721 Z56

Ground water protection and management strategies for the Trans-Pecos Area, Texas : (a critical area ground water study) / prepared by John Austin Williamson. Texas Water Commission, 1990.
TD 224 T4 W554 1990

Petrology of the Early Cretaceous Yucca Formation, Southern Quitman Mountains and Vincinity, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1968. Campbell, Donald Harvey.
552 C152P Library Storage Facility

Guidebooks and Field Guides

These guidebooks are generally published by a geological society on their field or road trips. Each guidebook has many different articles on diverse aspects of the Trans-Pecos by various authors, so you are encouraged to look through the ones listed here for specific articles on whatever topic interests you.

Trans-Pecos Region, Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas: New Mexico Geological Society, Thirty-First Field Conference, 1980.
QE 1 N47 31ST 1980

The Border Region: New Mexico Geological Society Twentieth Field Conference Guidebook, 1969.
QE 1 N47 20TH 1969

Guadalupe Mountains Field Guide, 1981.
QE 79.5 G83 1981

Cenozoic Geology of the Trans-Pecos Volcanic Field of Texas: Conference Proceedings and Guidebook. BEG Guidebook 19, 1978.
QE 167 T4245 NO.19

Igneous Geology of Trans-Pecos Texas: Field Guide and Research Articles, 1986.
QE 167 T4245 NO.23

Hydrogeology of Trans-Pecos Texas. BEG Guidebook 25, 1990.
QE 167 T4245 NO.25

Guide to the Permian Reef Geology Trail: McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, West Texas. BEG Guidebook 26, 1993.
QE 167 T4245 NO.26

Wolfcampian-Leonardian Shelf Margin Facies of the Sierra Diablo: Seismic Scale Models for Subsurface Exploration: the 1995 Annual Field Trip. West Texas Geological Society Publication 95-97, 1995.
QE 167 W4486 NO.95-97

Geology of the Big Bend and Trans-Pecos, Texas. South Texas Geological Society Field Trip Guidebook, 1990.
QE 168 B5 G464 1990

Field Guide for AAPG Hedberg Field Research Conference: Deep-Water Sandstones, Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas, 1999.
-F- QE 168 B87 A27 1999

Lacy, Brandee. A Geologic Field Guide to the Davis Mountains, 1997. (MA, Baylor University)
QE 168 D39 L33 1997

Tectonics and Paleozoic Facies of the Marathon Geosyncline, West Texas: 1978 Field Conference Guidebook. SEPM Publication 78-17, 1978.
QE 168 P47 S6243 1978

Geology of the Sierra Diablo and Southern Hueco Mountains, West Texas: May 1983 Field Conference Guidebook. SEPM Publication 83-22, 1983.
QE 168 P47 S6243 1983

Geologic Guide to the Western Escarpment, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas: A Road Log and Trail Guide. SEPM Publication 88-30, 1988.
QE 168 P47 S6243 1988C

Sequence Stratigraphy, Facies, and Reservoir Geometrics of the San Andreas, Grayburg, and Queen Formations, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas. SEPM Publication 91-32, 1991.
QE 168 P47 S6243 1991

Carbonate Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy: Practical Applications of Carbonate Models. SEPM Publication 95-36, 1995.
QE 168 P47 S6243 1995A

Carbonate slope styles: examples from the Permian of the Guadalupe Mountains: PBS-SEPM field trip, April 4-6, 2008.
QE 168 P47 S6243 2008

The Davis Mountains Volcanic Field: A guidebook for the Southwestern Association og Student Geological Societies, 1991.
QE 461 D388 1991

Peralkalic Rhyolite of the Davis Mountains and Big Bend Areas, Texas: Field Trip Number One, 2000.
QE 462 R4 P37 2000

Carbonates of the Guadalupe and Sacramento Mountains: 1997 International Field Trip Exchange, 1997.
QE 471.15 C3 C392 1997

Structure and Stratigraphy of Trans-Pecos Texas: El Paso to Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend, 1989.
QE 601 S335 1989M

A Guidebook to the Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Structures and Origin of Flysch and Pre-Flysch Rocks of the Marathon Basin, 1969.
QE 654 M173

Marathon-Marfa Region of West Texas-Symposium and Guidebook: Permian Basin Section Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, 1981.
QE 674 M373

Petroleum Geology of the Guadalupe Mountains, Texas and New Mexico: Field Trip Guidebook, 1999.
TN 872 T4 S949 1999

Agency Publications

These are publications of govenment agencies or geological societies that are not specifically guidebooks or field guides. They are listed by agency.

Bureau of Economic Geology

Ground-water Hydrogeochemistry in the Southeastern Hueco Bolson and Southwestern Diablo Plateau, Trans-Pecos Texas: Final Contract Report.
GB 857.2 T4 F574 1990

Teritary Formations of Rim Rock Country, Presidio County, Trans-Pecos Texas. BEG Report of Investigations 36, 1953.
QE 167 T42 NO.36

Sedimentary Petrology and History of the Haymond Formation (Pennsylvanian), Marathon Basin, Texas. BEG Report of Investigations 57, 1966.
QE 167 T42 NO.57

Correlation of Tertiary Rock Units, West Texas, 1970.
QE 167 T42 NO.70

Van Horn Sandstone, West Texas: An Alluvial Fan Model for Mineral Exploration. BEG Report of Investigations 72, 1971.
QE 167 T42 NO.72

Presidio Bolson, Trans-Pecos Texas and Adjacent Mexico: Geology of a Desert Aquifer System. BEG Report of Investigations 76, 1972.
QE 167 T42 NO.76

Geologic Setting and Geochemistry of Thermal Water and Geothermal Assessment, Trans-Pecos Texas. BEG Report of Investigations 96, 1979.
QE 167 T42 NO.96

Origin of Silver-Copper-Lead Deposits in Red-Bed Sequences of Trans-Pecos Texas, BEG Report of Investigations 145, 1985.
QE 167 T42 NO.145

The Van Horn Mountains Caldera, Trans-Pecos Texas: Geology and Development of a Small (10-km2) Ash-Flow Caldera. BEG Report of Investigations 151, 1986.
QE 167 T42 NO.151

Neotectonic History and Structural Style of the Campo Grande Fault, Hueco Basin, Trans-Pecos Texas. BEG Report of Investigations 196.
QE 167 T42 NO.196

Geology of the Infernito Caldera and Magmatic Evolution of the Chinati Mountains and Vicinity, Trans-Pecos Texas. BEG Report of Investigations 206, 1992.
QE 167 T42 NO.206

Geology of the Solitario Dome, Trans-Pecos Texas: Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Sedimentation, Tectonism, and Magmatism. BEG Report of Investigations 240, 1996.
QE 167 T42 NO.240

Quaternary Faults Within Intermontane Basins of Northwest Trans-Pecos Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico. BEG Report of Investigations 245, 1997.
QE 167 T42 NO.245

Caldera and Mineralization: Volcanic Geology and Mineralization in the Chinati Caldera Complex, Trans-Pecos Texas. BEG Circular 81-2, 1981.
TN 24 T4 T38 NO.81-2

Compilation of Potassium-Argon Ages of Tertiary Igneous Rocks, Trans-Pecos Texas. BEG Circular 86-2, 1986.
TN 24 T4 T38 NO.86-2

Integration of Ground Water and Vadose Zone Geochemistry to Investigate Hydrochemical Evolution. BEG Circular 90-5, 1990.
TN 24 T4 T38 NO.90-5

Teritary and Quaternary Structure and Paleotectonics of the Hueco Basin, Trans-Pecos Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico, 1991. BEG Circular 91-2.
TN 24 T4 T38 NO.91-2

USGS Professional Papers and Water-Resources Investigations

Geology of the Marathon Region, Texas. USGS Professional Paper 187, 1937.
QE 75 P9 NO.187

Geology of the Southern Guadalupe Mountains, Texas. USGS Professional Paper 215, 1948.
QE 75 P9 NO.215

Geology of the Sierra Blanca Region, Hudspeth County, USGS Professional Paper 479, 1965.
QE 75 P9 NO.479

Geology of the Sierra Diablo Region, Texas, USGS Professional Paper 480, 1965.
QE 75 P9 NO.480

Geology of the Eastern Part of the Marathon Basin, Texas. USGS Professional Paper 1157, 1980.
QE 75 P9 NO.1157

Chemistry and Age of Ground Water in the Southwestern Hueco Bolson, New Mexico and Texas, Water-Resources Investigation 02-4237, 2002.
GB 701 W375 2002-4237

Simulated Ground-Water Flow in the Hueco Bolson, an Alluvial-Basin Aquifer System near El Paso, Texas, Water-Resources Investigation 02-4108, 2002.
GB 701 W375 2002-4108

West Texas Geological Society

Structure and Tectonics of Trans-Pecos Texas, West Texas Geological Society Publication 85-81, 1985.
QE 167 W4486 NO.85-81

Guadalupe Mountains Revisited: Texas and New Mexico. West Texas Geological Society Publication 88-84, 1988.
QE 167 W4486 NO.88-84

Permian Basin Plays: Tomorrow's Technology Today. West Texas Geological Society Publication 91-89, 1991.
QE 167 W4486 NO.91-89

Other Agencies or Societies

Accommodation Zones and Transfer Zones: The Regional Segmentation of the Basin and Range Province. GSA Special Papers 323, 1998.
QE 1 G2197 NO.323

The Guadalupian Symposium. Smithsonian Contributions to the Earth Sciences 32, 2000.
QE 1 S227 NO.32

Early Tertiary Vertebrate Faunas, Vieja Group, Trans-Pecos Texas: Agriochoeridae and Merycoidodontidae. Bulletin of the Texas Memorial Museum 18, 1971.
QH 105 T4 T48A NO.18

Geology and Mineral Deposits of Precambrian Rocks of the Van Horn Area, Texas. University of Texas Publication 5301, 1953.
QE 167 U558 NO.5301

Changes in Groundwater Conditions in Parts of Trans-Pecos, Texas 1988-1998. Report 348-Texas Water Development Board, November 1999.
TD 224 T4 A333 NO.348

Aquifers of West Texas. Report 356-Texas Water Development Board, December 2001.
TD 224 T4 A333 NO.356

Ground Water Protection and Management Strategies for the Trans-Pecos Area, Texas. Texas Water Commission, 1990.
TD 224 T4 W554 1990

Border Stratigraphy Symposium. New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources Circular 104, 1968.
TN 24 N6 A235 NO.104

Contributions to Late Cretaceous Paleontology and Stratigraphy of New Mexico: Part II. New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources Bulletin 114, 1988.
TN 24 N6 A232 NO.114

The Hydrogeology of Hudspeth County, Texas. Report 364-Texas Water Development Board, August 2005.
TD 224 T4 A333 NO.364

Theses and Dissertations

Dissertations and theses are great places to look for primary books and articles for a topic that interests you--simply look at the bibliography of the paper. These dissertations and theses were written by UT Austin students and are shelved alphabetically by last name in the Walter Geology Library's Theses and Dissertations section. Dissertations and theses from other institutions are under Monographs.

Akersten, William Andrew. Red Light local fauna (Blancan), southeastern Hudspeth County, Texas, 1967. (MA)
THESIS 1967 AK37

Amsbury, David Leonard. Geology of Pinto Canyon Area, Presidio County, Texas, 1957. (PhD)
DISS 1957 AM82

Anderson, Jay Earl Jr. Igneous Geology of the Central Davis Mountains, Jeff Davis County, Texas, 1965. (PhD)
DISS 1965 AN235

Anan, Fayez Shaban. Petrology and Paleocurrent Study of the Dagger Flat (Cambrian), Marathon Basin, Texas, 1965. (MA)
THESIS 1965 AN14

Beall, Jennifer Lynn. Wolfcampian (Lower Permian) Platform and Basin Carbonates: Hueco Mountains and Midland Basin, West Texas, 1999. (MS)
THESIS 1999 B366

Bell, James John. Geology of the foothills of Sierra de Los Piños, Northern Chihuahua, near Indian Hot Springs, Hudspeth County, Texas. 1963. (MA)
THESIS 1963 B413

Bennett, Richard Edwin. Geology of East Bourland and Simpson Springs Mountains, Brewster County, Texas, 1959. (MA)
THESIS 1959 B439

Berge, Timothy Bryan Swearingen. Structural Evolution of the Malone Mountains, Hudspeth County, Texas, 1981. (MA)
THESIS 1981 B453

Bilbrey, Don Gene. Economic geology of Rim Rock country, Presidio County, Trans-Pecos, Texas, 1957. (MA)
THESIS 1957 B49

Bjorklund, Thomas Keith. Structure of Horse Mountain Anticline (Southwest Extension), Brewster County, Texas, 1962. (MA)
THESIS 1962 B556

Black, Jeffrey Warren. Hydrogeology of the Lobo and Ryan Flats Area, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1993. (MA)
THESIS 1993 B565

Bobeck, Patricia A. Igneous petrology and structural geology of Nine Point Mesa, Brewster County, Texas, 1985. (MA)
THESIS 1985 B63

Boghici, Radu. Hydrogeological investigations at Diamond Y Springs and surrounding area, Pecos County, Texas, 1997. (MA)
THESIS 1997 B634

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DISS 1966 B729

Braithwaite, Philip. Cretaceous stratigraphy of northern Rim Rock country Trans-Pecos Texas, 1958. (MA)
THESIS 1958 B731

Bramson, Emil. Trace-element study of tertiary volcanic rocks from the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico to Trans-Pecos Texas, 1984. (MA)
THESIS 1984 B732

Bridge, Thomas E. Contact metamorphism in siliceous limestone and dolomite in Marble Canyon and geology of related intrusion, Culberson County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1966. (PhD)
DISS 1966 B764

Bridges, Luther Wadsworth II. Revised Cenozoic History of Rim Rock Country, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1958. (MA)
THESIS 1958 B764

Bristol, David A. Structural Evolution and Metamorphism of Mid-Proterozoic Basement in the Northwest Van Horn Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1987. (MA)
THESIS 1987 B776

Brunson, Wallace Edward. Type sections of Cox and Finlay formations, Hudspeth County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1954. (MA)
THESIS 1954 B838

Buongiorno, Benny. Handbook of Tierra Vieja Mountains, Presidio and Jeff Davis Counties, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1955. (MA)
THESIS 1955 B889

Burt, Edward Ramsey III. Petrology of the Mitchell Mesa Rhyolite, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1970. (PhD)
DISS 1970 B95

Byrd, William Martin. The Geology of a Portion of the Combs Ranch, Brewster County, Texas, 1958. (MA)
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THESIS 1955 C194

Cepeda, Joseph C. Geology and Geochemistry of the Igneous Rocks of the Chinati Mountains, Presidio County, Texas, 1977. (PhD)
DISS 1977 C333

Chapman, Jeannette Burgen. Hydrogeochemistry of the Unsaturated Zone of a Salt Flat in Hudspeth County, Texas, 1984. (MA)
THESIS 1984 C366

Cobb, Robert Charles. Structural geology of the Santiago Mountains between Pine Mountain and Persimmon Gap, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1980 (MA)
THESIS 1980 C634

Coley, Katharine Lancaster. Structural Evolution of the Warwick Hills, Marathon Basin, West Texas, 1978. (MA)
THESIS 1987 C679

Colton, Clark Roper. Igneous Geology of Rim Rock Country, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1957. (MA)
THESIS 1957 C722

Connors, Harry Edward III. Structure of the Heart Mountain-Tinaja Spring area, Brewster County, Texas, 1977. (MA)
THESIS 1977 C762

Cotera, Augustus S. Jr. Petrology and Petrography and Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Tesnus Formation, Marathon Basin, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1962. (PhD)
DISS 1962 C825

Courme, Bruno Jean. Forward Seismic Modeling of a Shelf-to-Slope Carbonate Depositional Setting from Outcrop Data, the Abo Formation of Apache Canyon, West Texas, and Comparison to Its Subsurface Equivalent, Kingdom Abo Field, Midland Basin, 1999. (MS)
THESIS 1999 C833

Crawley, Richard Alvin. Flood Effects on Sanderson Creek, Trans-Pecos Texas, June 11, 1965. (MA)
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DISS 1989 D297

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THESIS 1954 D567

Dietrich, John William. Geology of Presidio Area, Presidio County, Texas, 1965. (PhD)
DISS 1965 D567 Library Storage Facility

Diggs, Timothy Neighbours. Sedimentology and Structural Geology of the Housetop Mountains-Castle Mountain Area, Marathon Basin, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1989. (MA)
THESIS 1989 D569

Duchin, Ralph Charles. Pre-Cenozoic Stratigraphy of Candelaria Area, Presidio County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1955. (MA)
THESIS 1955 D857

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THESIS 1958 F857

Fuller, Carla Marie Matherne. Fracture and Permeability Analysis of the Santana Tuff, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1990. (MA)
THESIS 1990 F958

Gabaldón, Gilbert. A Hydrogeologic Characterization of the Presidio Bolson, Presidio County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1991. (MA)
THESIS 1991 G11

Gieger, Ronald Maney. Quitman Mountains intrusion Hudspeth County, Texas, 1965. (MA)
THESIS 1965 G361

Gorski, Daniel Everett. Geology and Trace Transition Element Variation of the Mitre Peak Area, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1970. (MA)
THESIS 1970 G687

Gregory, James L. Volcanic stratigraphy and K-Ar of the Manuel Benavides area, northeastern Chihuahua, Mexico, and correlations with the Trans-Pecos volcanic province, 1981. (MA)
THESIS 1981 G862

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Gustafson, Eric Paul. Carnivorous mammals of the late Eocene and early Oligocene of Trans-Pecos Texas, 1977. (PhD)
DISS 1977 G978

Harris, John Michael. Oligocene Vertebrates from Western Jeff Davis County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1967. (MA)
THESIS 1967 H242

Hart, Margaret Alma. The Hydrogeology of the Davis Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1992. (MA)
THESIS 1992 H251

Harvill, Martin Lavell. Hydrothermal Alteration in the Davis Mountains, Texas, 1961. (MA)
THESIS 1961 H263

Havard, Charles Gentry. Geology of the Southwestern Part of the Van Horn Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1949. (MA)
THESIS 1949 H298

Hay-Roe, Hugh. Geology of Wylie Mountains and vicinity, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1958. (PhD)
DISS 1958 H323

Hempkins, William Brent. Geology and Petrography of the Sawtooth Mountain Area, Jeff Davis County, Texas, 1962. (MA)
THESIS 1962 H377

Hennings, Peter Hill. Structural Studies of the Chihuahua Tectonic Belt, 1991. (PhD)
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Hewitt, Edward Ringwood II. The Cretaceous Geology of the Northeastern Chispa Quadrangle, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1951. (MA)
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Hicks, David Lee. Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of the Early Cretaceous Cox Sandstone, Finlay Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1997. (MA)
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Hodges, Floyd Norman. Petrology, Chemistry and Phase Relations of the Sierra Prieta Nepheline-Analcime Syenite Intrusion, Diablo Plateau, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1975. (PhD)
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Houser, John Foster. Structural Geology of Threemile Hill Area, Brewster County, Texas, 1967. (MA)
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Kennedy, Edward Reynolds Jr. Geology of Needle Peak area, Chispa quadrangle, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1949. (MA)
THESIS 1949 K381

Kraft, Jennifer Lucille. Structural evolution of the Sunshine Springs thrust area, Marathon Basin, Texas, 1984. (MA)
THESIS 1984 K855 V.1-2

LaFave, John Irwin. Groundwater Flow Delineation in the Toyah Basin of Trans-Pecos Texas, 1987. (MA)
THESIS 1987 L131

Lampert, Leon Max. Stratigraphy of Presidio Area, Presidio County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1953. (MA)
THESIS 1953 L197

Laux, John Peter III. Mineralization associated with the Quitman Mountains intrusion, Hudspeth County, Texas, 1969. (MA)
THESIS 1969 L379

Leason, Jonathan Oren. Structural Geology of the Horse Mountain Area, Marathon Basin, Texas, 1983. (MA)
THESIS 1983 L481

Lehman, Thomas Mark. Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and paleontology of Upper Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) sedimentary rocks in Trans-Pecos Texas, 1985. (PhD)
DISS 1985 L528

Lewis, Jean. Geology of Barillos Dome, Jeff Davis County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1949. (MA)
THESIS 1949 L587

Mankin, Charles John. Biostratigraphy of Tierra Vieja, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1955. (MA)
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Mayer James Roger. The Role of Fractures in Regional Groundwater Flow : Field Evidence and Model Results from the Basin and Range of Texas and New Mexico, 1995. (PhD)
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McCarthy, Jeremiah Francis. Cretaceous Ammonites of Shafter Area, Presidio County, Trans-Pecos Texas, 1953. (MA)
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