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Tobin International Geological Map Collection

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The Tobin Map International Geological Collection of the Walter Geology Library consists of more than 47,000 maps and map texts arranged geographically, following the general outline of the Library of Congress G (Geography) classification schedule.

The collection aims for worldwide coverage of maps on geology and related subjects, but is particularly strong in maps of Texas and select U.S. and foreign areas of geologic interest. With the Map Room of the Perry-Castañeda Library it serves as a federal map depository for U.S. Geological Survey maps, having an almost complete set of the series maps published by this agency.

We also have a map scanner at located at a computer station and a drafting table located in the map room.

See our New Journals and Maps pages for recent map arrivals. Also see our You Are Here page for past and upcoming maps exhibits.

Find maps:

1. Keyword search in library catalog to find a call number.

Ex: "(name of area)" and "geology" and "maps"

This will bring up geologic maps of that area, as well as geology books and other publications in the stacks which contain maps. Some series maps in the file cabinets are arranged in numerical order regardless of subject, like the USGS series maps, and are best searched in the catalog first to get the call number.


2. Keyword search in GeoRef to find a citation that can be used.

Like the catalog, the database GeoRef can be useful in finding publications about the geology of a specific area, which may or may not contain maps. In most cases, the UT catalog records will be easier to use in that they show maps in the "description" area of a record.


3. Browse the map section:

A. In flat map drawers by geographic area. Maps of a given area may be in the flat map drawers, or in the filing cabinets. For browsing a given area, the flat map drawers are best because each drawer has a drawer list showing contents, which is kept on top of the maps.

B. In the Geologic Atlas of Texas 1:250,000 in filing cabinets. The Bureau of Economic Geology's Geologic Atlas of Texas 1:250,000 set, in the distinctive orange envelopes, located in the Texas filing cabinets (little orange envelopes on the drawers) Immediately following the Atlas is the Bureau's GQ- series of (mostly older) geology maps of smaller areas of Texas, with drawers marked by a little brown envelope. There is a list of the GQ- series titles at the beginning of the drawer.

C. In the U.S. filing cabinets under G 3701 C5 svar (name of state). At the beginning of the U.S. filing cabinets are paper map indexes. Indexes to geologic mapping for each state are found under the call no. G 3701 C5 svar (name of state) They are pretty much out of date, (latest 1980's) but can be useful in locating maps of a given area.

D. In the Texas Topographic map drawers. Sheets are arranged alphabetically by title (quadrangle name), regardless of scale. There is an index map on the wall showing quadrangles with names.


4. Removing maps from the flat map drawers:

Pull the drawer out to its fullest extent, and if the desired map is close to the top of the stack, roll back the upper maps and remove it. If it is close to the bottom of the drawer, particularly if the drawer is heavily loaded, remove the maps on top in small batches, stacking each batch crosswise to the one below, so that when they are refilled, they will be in call number order.


5. For further assistance, consult with Geology librarian and staff.


Online Maps:

Bureau of Economic Geology : Maps of Texas. This is a small sampling from the 46,000+ maps available in the Tobin Map Collection.

Geologic Atlas of Texas - 1:250,000 Scanned Sheets. Texas Water Development Board.

Geological Atlas of the United States of America is "a set of 227 folios published by the U.S. Geological Survey between 1894 and 1945. Each folio includes both topographic and geologic maps for each quad represented in that folio, as well as description of the basic and economic geology of the area."

Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection.

Texas Aquifers: Maps. From TNRIS and BEG.

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