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Celebrating the Life

Current Exhibits

Past Exhibits


Spring 2014 Yehudi Menuhin: Violinist and Visionary
Spring 2014 Zines in the Scholarly World

Fall 2013 On the Shoulders of Giants: Art, Music and the LP

Spring 2014 Art History: Selections from the Green-Christian Collection
Fall 2013 Five Decades of Haitian Painting.
Visible Cities 2013
Summer 2013 The Typewriter in the 21st Century
Fall 2012 Visible Cities
Fall 2012 Under Gods
Fall 2012 Erudition
2012 Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books
2012 Genocide Archive Rwanda and One Million Bones
October 2011 More Than Architecture
2011 Creative responses to 9/11
2006 Jacqueline Barnitz: 40 Years of Publications
2006 Michael Hannon: Calligraphic Books
2007 Artist's Books
2006-07 Sam Shepard Archives
2007 Paramount Theatre Archives
2008 Historical Education Materials
2008 Electoral Politics
2008 Winners of the Paul Revere Award
2009 African Art and Art History
2009 Hide and Seek
2009 Alafia performance
2009 Outstanding Teachers Award
2009 Preservation
2010 The Guitar Foundation of America
2010 Deborah Hay
2010 The Fantasticks
2010 "Col. Roberts: This is your life!"
2011 MLK Sculpture
2011 Artstream Ceramic Library