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Past Exhibits: African Art

Through the end of January 2009, Exhibit cases G and H will contain a selection of recent acquisitions in African Art and Art History. Most have been purchased with special funding from the University of Texas Libraries and the College of Fine Arts.

A Saint in the City

6.8 The Mouride vocalist Fatou Guewel is portrayed in a vignette from Papisto Boy's Bel Air factory mural (see chapter 5). The holy man to whom she is devoted, Serigne Modou Kara, is shown gazing at her from the left. The minarets and domes of the Great Mosque of Touba rise between the two figures, while Amadou Bamba appears in the frontal posture of the 1913 matrix photograph and in a narrative pose that refers to the miracle of his praying on the waters. Photograph by MKR and AFR, Dakar, 1999.

African Art

A Saint in the City:
Sufi arts of urban Senegal

by Allen F. Roberts
BP 195 M66 R66 2003

Also on display on the 3rd floor of the FAL, in cases D1 and D2 and surrounding area through March 5:
Egungun: Diaspora Recycling
An Art Exposition of Transformation & Border Crossings
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