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On the Shoulders of Giants
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An exhibit for "Zines in the Scholarly World" is located in the 3rd floor display cases at the FAL.

The Fine Arts Library will host a panel presentation featuring the Visual Arts Center’s 2014 artist-in-residence Michael Sieben and three experts who have an interest and passion for zines and limited editions.

What is a zine and why are they made?  Why are they important to our contemporary world and cultural history? Why should libraries be collecting them? What do students learn from making zines in studio art courses and how can a zine collection assist in learning?

Sieben will be joined by Fine Arts Head Librarian Laura Schwartz, Susan Thomas of Long Island University – Brooklyn and studio art lecturer Jason Urban to address these questions and more about the cultural significance of this very DIY phenomenon.

This event is being co-sponsored by the Visual Arts Center.  It is a companion program to the Visual Arts Center’s exhibition of Michael Sieben’s work It Will All Happen Again and the zine-making workshop lead by Sieben on Saturday, April 12.

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