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The FAL is proud to have two prints in our west windows by British photographer Liz Hingley. The prints "Sikh Yoga" and "Muslim Teenager's One in Five Prayers" are part of "Under Gods", the current exhibit of Liz Hingley's work at the Visual Arts Center.

The daughter of two Anglican priests, Hingley investigates the growth of multi-faith communities along a two mile stretch of Soho Road in her hometown of Birmingham, UK. Her series is also a celebration of the beauty that religious traditions bring to the urban landscape.

Curated by UT Art and Art History Department professor Dr. Glenn Peers, the show is co-sponsored by the Visual Arts Center and the Department of Art and Art History, with additional support from the departments of Anthropolgy, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Religious Studies, British Studies and the Center for European Studies in the College of Liberal Arts.

Click the links to learn more about Liz Hingley and the Under Gods show at the Visual Arts Center.

Photos and design by Mark Doroba.




Liz Hingley, Muslim Teenager's One in Five Prayers.
Liz Hingley, Sikh Yoga.


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