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Erudition detail

The FAL is happy to bring the colorful Erudition: An Exhibition on Reading the Ancient Aesthetics of Living to our fine arts community. This collection of treasured books from the Ming elite's leisure life has been assembled by the National Central Library of the Republic of China.

The exhibit presents four themes: The Leisure Life of the Literati; Dramatic Literature; Conceptions of Health; Observing Nature. In addition to these themes, the exhibit incorporates contemporary Taiwanese publications and some rare books digitized by the National Central Library. More than a review of classic literature, Erudition is an investigation of a deeper philosophical and cultural continuum.

Since its foundation in 1933, the National Central Library of the Republic of China has collected and conserved important national documents. The NCL is considered an important resource for Taiwanese literature as well. Their collection includes over 12,000 objects from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

Before arriving in Austin, the exhibition was shown in New York City, Houston and Los Angeles.
More information about the books and exhibit can be found at

Photos and design by Mark Doroba





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